[AppExchange – 123FormBuilder] Multiple levels of relationship

The levels of relationship between objects can be defined as a connection between a primary object and a secondary object related to it. But sometimes you might need relationships between secondary objects and a third level object.

Let’s have a look at the following example to see how they can be set:

1. You have an account where you store information about a company you are working with, this will be your main object:

2. The employees of this company are the contacts you are communicating with. So the contacts are related to the account:

3. Each employee has to send you files according to the department they belong to and you want to know what files each contact has sent you. This is why you will add an Attachment as a related object to the contact:

In the end you will have a multiple level relationship like this:

! Important

Related objects cannot be added for all objects, only for those that are set to accept them.

Bianca Nicolae
Bianca Nicolae
Bianca is a Business Analyst at 123FormBuilder. She identifies and implements strategies for product growth through data analysis and creative thinking.

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