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Together for the World: Free Forms for Organizations Helping to Contain COVID-19

We are all facing uncertain, sad times – and if we have to be completely honest, the only way we can move past this is by helping each other. 

CoVid-19 has spread over the world, leaving traces of turmoil in its way. We mustn’t give in, though. We must come together as citizens of the world and help whichever way we can. Staying home, working remotely, avoiding contact with people, and even canceling events are all steps we must take now for the containment of the virus. 

Information is power and power can put down a virus that threatens everyone’s health, security, and economy. As such, we, the team at 123FormBuilder, want to help all those who are joining efforts these days to help with the prevention of further CoVid-19 infections. We are making our platform free for those working in the front line of preventing further spread of the Novel Coronavirus: health organizations, NGOs, governmental institutions, and so on. Our tool, our time, and our effort are all at your disposal because we know how important it is for everyone to join forces in putting an end to this danger. 

If you are in this situation and you need a platform to help you track and measure all the CoVid-19-related information, please send an email to and our Customer Care team will upgrade your account. You will receive full access to our platform and our entire Customer Care team’s expertise in anything you need to support your efforts. 

Furthermore, here are three templates we thought you might need in the weeks and months to come. They are yours for the grabs and they can be customized as per your needs.

Get the Template Now

Get the Template Now

Get the Template Now  


We genuinely hope our digital tool will allow you to collect information from patients and their families – and do it with as little human contact as possible, thus reducing further infections. There are numerous things you can do with our forms – from collecting information about your patients to helping individuals and businesses pre-screen themselves and their employees (such as, for example, what Do I Have the Coronavirus? has done).   

This is not a time to be selfish, but a time to realize that we’re all part of the same game and that we must all help the global effort of containing a dangerous pandemic that might have potential long-term implications for the public health system and economy. 

Please help share the word and get it to the front of those organizations that need this. These days are all about isolation, but in this instance, #sharingiscaring. 


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