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Company Values Face-Lift

There comes a time when, along their intricate journey, both the company and the people that comprise it reach a certain level of maturity. That maturity comes along with years of experimentation, with both failures and successes, as well as the cultivation of a nurturing work environment. Basically, the process is similar to creating a fine, aged to perfection, wine. And just as fine wine is enriched by its authentic notes, a company is enriched by its values. 

Here, at 123FormBuilder, we believe we have reached that maturity. Moreover, considering the growth spurt we have been experiencing throughout the last year and a half, we have decided it was time to adapt and upgrade our values as well. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the brand new 123FormBuilder values, v. 2.0: 

  • Customer-centric 
  • Trust 
  • Passion

As you will see, our new set of values creates a bridge between the old 123FormBuilder and the new one. For instance, we have decided to stick with our customer-centric pillar because the very foundation of our company was based on our approach to customer success. 

To this already well-sedimented value, we added a good dose of trust because we believe this is the brick and mortar of all the relationships we build – as a company, and as individuals representing this company.  

In addition, we knew that, here at 123FormBuilder, we are all passionate about a lot of things, and we always put passion in our work, in order to deliver high-quality products. Thus, it became a must to have passion as a core value for our company.

Why Customer-centric?

Our company’s success was built around our customers. Even in the early stages, the 4th & 5th hired employees were customer care specialists. Over the years, we have never outsourced this team because we believe that it must be an integral part of our goal of providing customers with a spotless experience. Our customer care team’s friendly attitude and their constant willingness to go the extra mile are key ingredients for the growth of the entire company!

Why Passion?

Everything we do, we do with passion. We are passionate about our work, about our product, and, of course, we are passionate about having fun, while developing a high-quality product. As passion leads to excellence, we are positive that our people have the power to change the world – one form at a time. 🙂

Why Trust?

We know how hard it is to build trust, and how it’s even harder to maintain it. That is precisely why our company treats everyone with respect and transparency. From our colleagues to our stakeholders and, most importantly, our clients and partners, we strive to build long-lasting relationships. We aim to always keep our promises and integrity in order to be successful together.

It feels like just yesterday we sold our first subscription, we hired our first employee, and we reached a million dollars in yearly revenue. In fact, it’s been over a decade since we have started empowering people to manage, collect and communicate their data using our software. 

We have continuously grown and developed as a company and as individuals. We pledge to keep on doing that, because learning is an ongoing process, just like Michelangelo said when he was 87: “I’m still learning”. 

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