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Inside 123FormBuilder! Meet the Teams – An Interview with Nicu Micle

123FormBuilder started in 2008 with two people who left their safe jobs to follow their passion.

Today we’re an international team of 80 employees, with 9 years experience and more than 1M users worldwide.

We’re all defined by the same values and as you’ll get to know us better, you might discover that we’ve got a lot in common. That’s why we decided  to create a series of interviews so you can “meet” the people behind the company.

We’ll give you a glimpse inside every single team and today we’ll start with the first web developer to come on board for 123FormBuilder. Meet Nicu Micle, new technologies enthusiast, passionate about motorsports and drawing, committed to constant self-improvement.

99 little bugs in the code

99 bugs in the code

patch one down, compile it around

117 bugs in the code

123FormBuilder Nicu Micle

Name: Nicu Micle

Official title: Full Stack Developer

Team: Development

Current job openings in this department: Senior Web Developer

How did you come to specialize in web development?

I’ve started learning web development since  high school. I started with HTML and CSS. After a while,  my mother needed a software and she told me to search for somebody to build it for her. So, I wrote the software that she needed. At that point I started using PHP and MySql.

How was your experience as the first web developer to come on board for 123FormBuilder?

It was quite interesting, because back then I was not used to working in a company with so much data to process. I embraced a lot of responsibility, and that made me learn a lot of new stuff. One of my first tasks when I came to 123FormBuilder was to build the “Reports” section. I was so enthusiastic, and I estimated that it will be ready in one week. 😄 It took me 3 months to finish it.

What is it like to work as a web developer for a form building company?

It’s a challenge. Every day we deal with lots of customers, different types of requirements, and we try to make everybody happy. So, I can say I learn new stuff every day.

Besides that, as a web developer in a form building company, you  deal with a lot of data to process.

Are you an early riser or a night owl?

It depends. During the workdays, I am an early riser. I usually wake up early, drink some coffee at home, read some news and after that I go to the office. During the weekend,  I’m more like an owl.

What are the first things you do every workday?

Actually, I’ve automated some repeating tasks that I do every morning. When I come to the office, I just start a script that I wrote, and it opens all the programs and the tabs that I use every day. Meanwhile, I make my coffee.

Who do you work closely with, when working on a development project?

Currently I’m part of a team of 7 people. We work together for developing features and fixing bugs.

Name 3 of your favorite development tools.

One of the best development tools that I love is PhpStorm. It just makes my life easier. With this tool, I think there’s no need for others. It can do anything from Remote Hosts, GIT  to Database Administration.

Also,  I frequently use HeidiSQL and CMD.

Are there any industry sites or blogs you’re currently following?

I’m not following any blogs or industry sites. I have an app on my phone and I’m reading the tech news from there. Also, I’m following some YouTube channels.

How many tabs do you close at the end of the day?

I don’t actually count them, but sometimes I see only the favicons of the website that I have opened.

Are there any work-life lessons you’ve learned as a web developer?

Yes. One of the work-life lessons I’ve learned is that when you face a situation that you don’t know how to deal with, don’t give up. Also, If you are a developer, don’t take the job as “a job”, just make it a hobby.

What’s your funniest 123FormBuilder memory?

The funniest moment I remember now is that when I first got employed, I called one of my colleagues “Andreea” for like 3 weeks,  when her real name was “Alexandra”. She just didn’t realize that I was not calling her name. Both names started with “A”, right? 😄

What are 3 traits a web developer should have in your opinion?

In my opinion, the most important trait a developer should have is logical thinking. Also, as a developer, you should continuously improve your skills. Always try to learn new stuff. Another important trait is the ability to work in a team.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Linkedin:  or Skype: nicumicle

Hope you enjoyed and if you’d like to suggest specific questions for our team members to answer, please comment below!

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