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Employee Benefits and Perks

Employee Benefits and Perks
Employee Benefits and Perks

We can all agree that the employee experience is really important and any business should make this a priority. The employee experience refers to the entire interaction an employee has with the company, from the first interview, to the exit interview, from the company culture to the work environment, from technologies used to work complexity. 

Companies that want to provide a better employee experience, will focus on the benefits and perks they offer. Besides the income and the technologies used, the benefits are one of  the top things that can either make-or-break a candidate’s decision to join your company. 

We, here at 123FormBuilder would like to offer you a sneak peek into our benefits, so if you consider joining our team, here’s what you can expect:

employee benefits

employee drinks benefitsDRINKS, SNACKS AND BEST COFFEE

It`s true that we enjoy spoiling our colleagues. We want you to start your days well, so our fridge is fully stocked with yogurt, water, juice, milk. Also, fresh fruit and breakfast snacks are on our list. Get energized and keep yourself hydrated from our generous stock! And guess what? We even order lunch for you!

employee relaxation benefitsRELAXATION CORNER – PLUG AND PLAY! ​

You can escape reality while using our relaxation corner – you can either play ping pong, Foosball, you can play Xbox games or you can sit and relax in our office massage chair. Breaks are commonly used to recharge. 

When mentally recharged and relaxed employees bring their A game, everybody benefits. So, we strive to keep our employees at the peak of their creativity and satisfaction. The offices from our 3 sites offer unique surroundings and a cozy atmosphere to both employees and visitors.

employee sport facilities benefitsSPORT FACILITIES – 7CARD ​

We encourage everyone to live a healthy life. 123FormBuilder offers access to 7card, a membership which allows you to enjoy various sports: fitness gyms, swimming pools, tennis, squash, padel, climbing etc.

employee team building benefitsTEAM BUILDINGS AND PARTIES

We love to have fun, to joke and to create savory memes to illustrate all kinds of funny moments. Sense of humor is highly appreciated! Fun is one of our core values and the friendly atmosphere in the office is a crucial ingredient for general relaxation among colleagues. 

Team buildings and parties like karaoke, pijama, Christmas party are a great way to facilitate bonding with team members, reduce stress and get our colleagues a chance to get to know each other outside the office. And, you know, they`re really fun!

employee work from home benefitsWORK FROM HOME 

Work from home gives a flexible working pattern to our employees and is helpful in delivering work life balance. Occasionally, there are projects that require more quiet time or more collaboration and resource planning. 

It’s important to be able to mix work from home with team collaboration, depending on where you and your manager think you’ll be most productive!

We have recently upgraded our WFH practice to one of the best policies on the local market: our employees are able to work remotely up to 10 days per month!

employee birthday benefitsYOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON US! ​

A birthday is a key milestone in a person’s life, the birthday is one of the most universally and popularly celebrated events ever. We took this opportunity to congratulate and celebrate together with all colleagues the importance of this event. Team bonding is always fun!

employee referral programWIN-WIN REFERRAL PROGRAM

Referral programs, otherwise known as “word of mouth marketing” create a win-win scenario for everybody. We actively encourage our employees to promote 123FormBuilder as a company, culture, working environment, in a word, to be our brand ambassadors!

employee loyalty vacation daysLOYALTY EXTRA VACATION DAYS ​

Vacation is one of the most handy methods of saying thank you to our employees. This translates into increased autonomy, better work life balance and appreciation for the colleagues who have worked longer in the company.

employee loyalty giftsLOYALTY GIFTS

When you stay at a company for the long haul (in good times and difficult times), it will always be appreciated. You are more likely to rise in seniority, rather than having to scratch and fight to establish a stronger role at each new company as you go. 

With seniority comes the chance to lead others and mentor newcomers through the transition to their new jobs. Being in the team for the long term, this also brings along stability and self improvement opportunities. If we allow other people to get to know us over a long course of time, we’ll grow to trust their advice, and they’ll be able to point out the blind spots we may have otherwise never addressed. 

employee medical benefitsPRIVATE MEDICAL SERVICES 

We help our employees stay healthy, happy and at work with Private Medical Services. As we consider families being most important, employees’ children and employees’ partners are also taken into account on these packages we offer and they can benefit as well from the discounts offered to 123FormBuilder.

employee glasses benefitsEYEGLASSES DISCOUNTS 

No matter how we define well-being, good health is an essential piece of the puzzle. Eye health is important, especially to those working all day with monitors. 123FormBuilder employees can access any ophthalmological cabinets, which they find most suitable. There is no limitation from the company’s point of view in this respect.

employee professional growth opportunities at 123 form builderPROFESSIONAL GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES 

Gaining new skills and experiences increases employee motivation and job satisfaction.  We offer professional growth opportunities such as training, online courses, and conferences for each of our employees. By improving the quality of our employees’ work experience, we are helping our people to reach their full potential.

If you’ve read this far, it’s clear that we’ve got your attention and you might feel like your current job is not as exciting and fulfilling as it used to be, or maybe you just feel the need for a change. 

And if you’re thinking “Wow, these perks sound really nice”, well, you’re not wrong, but the truth is we have more benefits than the ones we mentioned in this article. You just have to find out about them by coming to our headquarters for an open discussion with our colleagues. 

Take a look at our job openings, fill in the application and let’s meet each other! We can hardly wait! 

Originally published on March 13, 2020

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