Tuesday Template: All Season Order Form


by 123FormBuilder

For a business involved in the eCommerce industry, order forms are an indispensable weapon without which they cannot operate. Whether it is a one time occurrence or the core functionality of your business, when you decide to allow customers to purchase merchandise online you have to know that being equipped with the right set of tools is essential for your success.

Of course that since 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web and since the launch of large retailers like or eBay in 1995,  things have changed drastically. Back then the online medium represented a new alternative which people were experimenting with skepticism. Unlike now when you don’t have to be a globally recognized retailer in order to succeed in the eCommerce industry. People are open to online shopping, you only have to give them good, unique products presented through a solid strategy.

That is why, if you want to commence a new initiative and start selling online, beside the complex shopping carts suitable for large retailers, you can start with a secure online order form. And 123FormBuilder has a good online order form template to get you on track. It is simple to use but versatile enough to manage big online transactions. Since the sales season is around the corner, such a tool will spare you time and effort for sure.

online order form template

How to maximize online sales with 123FormBuilder order form?

There are several aspects you have to know about building an online order form so that you will optimize your sales and prepare a user friendly experience for your potential buyers. So here are the core factors you have to take into consideration when creating your order form:

  • Multiple payment processors. With 123FormBuilder not only that  you can choose from more than 10 payment processors but you can also integrate them simultaneously on the same order form. This can expand your reach and influence the buying decision which is great for any business. Many payment systems come with restrictions and if you want to cover a wide spectrum of users, you may need more than one to allow them to buy from you.
  • Branding and customization. Our form builder offers you complete control over the appearance of your order form. In this way you can both brand align it with logo, colors, fonts and other visual elements and at the same time prepare for season sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and what ever occasion you might think of. It will suit up any desired costume.

Online order form Black Friday

  • Multilingual presentation. This is extremely useful for those businesses that operate in several countries. You can translate the form in any language and present it to each target audience in their native language. This can also include transition to local currency. You can adjust that also with no effort at all, a few clicks and the order form id up and flying.
  • Mobile compatible. Online order form created with 123FormBuilder will work on any device. If your website is responsive you can easily embed the form and potential clients can fill it and securely finish transactions directly from their mobile device.
  • Secure payments. If you actually accept payments with your web forms, you will have to enable a SSL security certificate. This way, you will give your buyers the guarantee of protection regarding their sensitive data.
  • Third party integrations in your advantage. Every new buyer is an important lead for your company.That is why integrations with CRMs or mailing systems will help you to create a powerful database and integrate it in your marketing and sales strategy. With an online order form all these internal processes get an automated flow that will ease your work.

If you need help in creating the perfect order form or any other type of web form, keep in mind that we offer live chat and email support for all our users. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to discover all our news and post your good examples of forms under the hashtag #TuesdayTemplate.

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