Web Forms for Email Marketing Extraordinaires: Introducing 123FormBuilder for ExactTarget


by 123FormBuilder

When you start a new marketing campaign, whether it’s a season’s promotion or just an informative newsletter, choosing the right tools to gather leads and get your message across is simply crucial. In the aim to ease this job for all you busy marketing profs, we have partnered ExactTarget, one of world’s leading providers of one-to-one on-demand marketing solutions. The result is an app that will help you add smart forms and surveys to your emails: 123FormBuilder for ExactTarget.

Why use forms within your email content? Let’s take an example. We are all accustomed to the strategy of delivering a tempting email newsletter with compelling visuals and amazing offers that just lets users pass through a labyrinth of steps until they actually get that goodie. If you put yourself in the users’ shoes, you get an Alice in Wonderland kind of feeling – everything says “eat me, drink me” but the actual offer remains far from sight.

To avoid this frustration, it’s a good idea to place the form that unlocks the magic offer right within the content of your email. Web forms often bring that core element of interactivity that you were looking for in a marketing email.

With 123FormBuilder you will be able to combine those disparate kinds of content (web forms and ExactTarget emails for one) to create a meaningful experience that brings value to you as a marketer as well as to your users. 123FormBuilder helps you deploy all types of email forms to engage your public:

  • quizzes and polls
  • surveys: business demographic studies, pre-launch surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires
  • contest forms, freebie download forms

… and many more.

Once you enrich your email content with well-crafted web forms, you can gather data across key sections of the consumer decision cycle: call-to action, first time user engagement, and lead nurturing through customer loyalty programs.

In short, our form and survey builder for ExactTarget will help you create forms that are:

  • Accessible from any device – form design is 100% mobile compatible
  • Personal – you can adapt form behavior and post-submission messages to the requirements of your campaign and to the traits of your public
  • Branded – using our form themes you can obtain a look that fully matches your business brand and/or the image of your campaign
  • Simple to build and use – it’s really just tap’n’go.

During the launch of 123FormBuilder, we’ve conducted a webinar that discussed key means of optimizing forms for conversion and gave a tour of our application for ExactTarget. In case you missed it, find the webinar recording right here.

123FormBuilder is accessible in the HubExchange App Marketplace and can be installed for free in your Interactive Marketing Hub.

We hope you will enjoy using the app and we are looking forward to your feedback – please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section below!

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