How to send notifications in HTML format or as plain text?

send notifications in HTML formatYou can set up all of your notifications to be sent in HTML format or as plain text (email notification, autoresponder, copy of the submission, payment notification). To send notifications in HTML format or as plain text, simply edit or create a template and select one of the two radio buttons on top: HTML or Plain Text.

If you want to set up a message in HTML format for an email notification, autoresponder or for the copy the the submission to the sender, go to the SettingsNotificationsEmail Notifications section of your form, select one of the notification options and hit Customize. Select the HTML option, on top, to send the message as HTML.

To send payment notifications in HTML format, go to the SettingsPayments section of your form, hit Customize message, under Notifications, and tick the HTML option.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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  1. Adam says:

    My email notifications are set to be ‘plain text’ emails, however the site I’m trying to integrate with ( is saying they are still receiving emails in HTML. I have edited the template and selected the radio button on top for Plain Text. What am I missing? I’ve paid for the upgraded form builder and now it won’t work.

    • Hello Adam!

      My colleagues at customer support noticed that you’re using HTML tags in your email template. This will automatically transform your email notification into HTML. If you remove those tags, the problem shouldn’t persist.

      If you encounter other issues or have more questions, contact our support specialists at


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