How to change the font on my form?

You can customize a form’s font by clicking on the Show Themes Options in the right corner of the Editor. The Design panel is going to open on the right and if you scroll down to the Label options you can change not only the Font style but also make other changes such as the Font size and whether you also want the font to be italic or bold.

Change Form Text Font


  1. Will Fourie says:

    Hi I’m a Wix user too. I go Settings > Design > Choose my theme … but cannot customise it. There are no options to. Please help.

    • Daira Tabuica says:

      Hello Will,
      After you select the Theme from the dropdown available when you click on Customize Theme a panel should open where you have all the features you can adjust and change. Here is a screenshot for better reference on how it should look
      If you require more support please send us an email at and the team will be more than happy to assist you.

  2. Terri Mando says:

    I was able to change the font size easily for the LABEL fields. However, the INSTRUCTION field font is SO SMALL; I did not find anywhere to increase the font size for INSTRUCTION fields. Help.

    • Hello Terri!

      I apologize for replying this late. Are you referring to the text within the input fields as label fields? If that’s the case, you can change the text size with some basic CSS. It works for instructions, too.

      Go to SettingsThemes and click the link Use custom CSS.

      Copy these two lines:

      input {font-size:28px !important;}
      .class123-labelinfo {font-size:28px !important;}

      Just change the values with your desired font sizes and that should do it.

      If you require more assistance, you can reach our support specialists at


  3. CHESSON Jérôme says:


    I made it, it did not work, although I put the right URL (with tff & eot), nothing happened on the text (not even an error message) I can not see Open sans in the dropdown box of available fonts…?

    Could u help me please?


  4. Alexndre Lacoste says:


    I’m using Wix for my website and I’m using 123form.

    My website is using “Open Sans” font but I can’t find it in the font style menu.
    Could you please help me with my request?
    It is quite important as it doesn’t look consistent at all.

    Many thanks,

    Kind regards,

    Alexandre Lacoste

    • Hello Alexandre!

      You can use a workaround to add the respective font to your form. Go to the SettingsThemes section of your form and click on the link Use custom CSS. In the custom CSS lightbox, use this code:

      font-family: font_name;
      src: url('font_name.ttf'),
      url('font_name.eot'); /*IE9*/ 
      • Replace font_name with the exact name of the font.
      • Instead of font_name.ttf type in the URL where the font is located. Use a trusted server or one of your own to upload the font.
      • Use the last line to make sure the font will work on IE 9 (if file exists). Replace font_name.eot with the URL where the file is located.

      Font files are of different types with different extensions. Make sure you check the extension of the font and add it the same to the code.

      If you want, you can request this font to be added on our side on our suggest a feature form (can be accessed when logged in only. It will be included in our Features Requests section where other people may vote it.

      For more help, feel free to contact us at


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