How to align the Submit button of your online form?

To align Submit buttons on forms couldn’t be any more simple. In the Form Editor, select the Submit button and in choose one of the four options available in the Edit Field panel, under Button position: Auto, Left, Center, Right. The changes will automatically take effect on your online form. That’s it!

how to align the submit button ></p>
<p>If you want to manually align the <b>Submit</b> button by some pixels , you’ll need to add some <a href=custom CSS coding. Go to the SettingsThemes section of your form and click on the Use Custom CSS link. In the popup, enter the code:

#id123-button-send {margin-left:111px}
  • 111 is the parameter for the position of the submit button. A higher value will move the submit button to the right, while a lower value will move it to the left.

Save your changes and the submit button should now be aligned the way you wanted.

how to align the submit button

If you want to align other buttons of your form (e.g. Calculate, Reset), use the same code, but change the ID with the one of the button you want to align. Here is a list of all the form buttons with their respective IDs:

table.buttons {border-collapse:collapse; width:500px;}
table.buttons td {padding:5px 10px !important; width:350px; border:1px solid #ccc; text-align:center;}

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Note: Set the attribute as important for the buttons that do not change their position, as in the example below:

#printlink {margin-left:400px !important;}

To vertically align a form button, use the margin-top attribute as in the example below:

#id123-button-send {margin-top:111px}
Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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  1. Dwight Jones says:

    My form has NO submit button option to add.

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