Use Custom CSS

Use Custom CSS

If you want to use your own CSS for styling forms, you can do so in the SettingsThemesUse Custom CSS section.

Use the Code tab to type the CSS code or the URL tab to provide the URL to the CSS file located on your server.

If you choose the URL tab, make sure that the URL leads to the content of your stylesheets. Here’s an example: If the URL does not contains the .css extension at the end, the CSS styles will not be applied to the form.

Find out more about inspecting the form code and styling its elements with CSS.

Here is a list of a few custom CSS samples which you can use to style your online forms.


  1. adrian says:

    i Have already customized my theme under match site tab and i dont see any customize tab there. how can i get to custom css??

    • Daira Tabuica says:

      Hello Adrian,
      You can add custom CSS to your form prior to the Match site action. Connecting on our 123FormBuilder platfom allows you to enter the code in a specific field. If you have any other questions please contact us at and we will gladly help.

  2. N Rayne says:

    Dear Sir or Madam, My user name is nicky_r. I cannot find the Custom CSS option you mention above. I am using your App for Wix. N Rayne

    • Hello!

      I apologize for replying late. Our customer support service works best when contacting us at or by using the live chat widget during weekly working hours.

      Regarding your issue, the Custom CSS section of your form is located under the Customize section of your theme. In the 123 Form Builder App on Wix, go to DesignSelect a theme and click your theme (link on the right). Now, hit the Customize link that is located under Demo Preview. A window will popup on screen where you can customize your theme. The custom CSS link is located on top. If you are using a predefined theme, you’ll need to press Ok to duplicate it when asked.

      We have applied a small redesign to the interface of the 123 Form Builder app, so we’re open to any type of suggestions at


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