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How to add online forms to Edvance360 LMS?

If you teach on Edvance360 and use 123FormBuilder to create online forms for your students, follow this guide on how you can add those forms to an Edvance360 LMS module. Create, edit and customize your online forms in 123FormBuilder, and afterwards publish them on Edvance360 with the help of the JavaScript code located in the PublishEmbed Code section of each form you want to use.

The JavaScript code establishes a live connection between your 123FormBuilder account and wherever the online form is published. If you edit your form at a later time, the changes automatically take place in Edvance360.

To add online forms to Edvance360, follow the steps below:

1. In your 123FormBuilder account, go to the Get Code & Publish (Publish) section of your online form and click on the Embed Code tab on the left. You’ll notice the three option displayed on the right (JavaScript, Iframe, Inline HTML). Click on the JavaScript box and copy the script (shortcut key: CTRL+C).

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<p>2. Log into your Edvance360 admin account, go to <b>Trainings</b> and select the course where you want to add your online form. </p>
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<p>3. Go to <b>Settings</b> and add a new module to your course or access an existing module on the left if you want to add the online form there. Make sure the module has a content box with the <b>Source</b> option available. We recommend that you create a new module to avoid issues in the future with the default modules. You could, however, use the <b>Lessons</b> module. Add an item and enter the JavaScript code in the <b>Source</b> code of the content. <em>If you want to use this option, skip the rest of the steps.</em>  </p>
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<p>4. Set the content type of the module to <b>HTML Page</b> and click on <b>Source</b> inside the <b>Page Content</b>. Next, paste the JavaScript code of your online form in the content and hit <b>Submit</b> to save the module.      </p>
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<p>Don’t forget to enable the module in <b>Settings</b> so that your students can see the module and complete the online form. Each entry will be sent to your 123FormBuilder account, in the <b>Submissions</b> section of your form. </p>
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