How can I charge a recurring monthly subscription fee?

In your SettingsPayments section, in the Payment Processors subsection, add the payment gateway you want to use and tick the option Use recurrent payment. Next, set the regular basis when the client is billed per days, weeks, months and years. That’s all that differentiates a subscription from a one-time payment. Payment gateways that support recurrent payment will have this option displayed in the integration box.

Make sure you’ve assigned a price to the subscription in the Assign Values or Formulas to Fields subsection (or different prices to different types of subscriptions) and that the box Enable payments for this form at page top is checked.

123FormBuilder recurrent payments

For PayPal and PayPal Pro you can also add the number of recurring payment cycles. This means you will limit the number of times the recurrent payment is applied.


  1. michael paul says:

    can I do recurring payments with

    • Hello, Michael!

      We are currently researching the possibilities to add recurring payments with the integration. We do not have this option included.

      For anything related to the 123FormBuilder product, please don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at for assistance.


  2. Bruce Jenks says:

    I want one recurring for my yearly service and one for my monthly service. Do I have to create another form form this?

  3. meghan kudera says:

    Is there an option for my customers to do a 1 time charge or a monthly recurring charge?

    I.e they order my product once or they have the option to get my product monthly…

    Or should I do two separate form for that?

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