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What does ‘No backlinks to 123FormBuilder required’ mean?

On the Free (Basic) plan, users are required to keep a link to 123FormBuilder at the bottom of their forms. Starting with the Gold… Read more

How is the All Forms chart option calculated?

For each option in your dashboard chart we consider the submissions and payments made through a form. When you select the All Forms option,… Read more

How often are my charts updated?

All charts are loaded the moment you load your dashboard page. If you want to see an updated version, reload the page in your… Read more

Where are those messages from my account coming from?

Red messages are high priority messages coming from us. We show them to you when your account is in some kind of trouble: your… Read more

Recent Activity

In this section, you can see your form activity summary grouped by day, week and month. For better accessibility, your first 10 and 20… Read more

Form Statistics

Form Statistics are a visual representation of your form submissions. You will find here 2 sections, each of them highly customizable in terms of… Read more


This section is very important because we use it to communicate with you. It includes 3 types of messages: high priority alerts like "Your… Read more


The Dashboard page is the first page you see when you log in to your 123FormBuilder user account. It includes the general status of… Read more