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How many API calls can I use?

API calls are operations performed when another service communicates with ours. For example, if you use Zapier, each time the two apps in a… Read more

What is the API key and when do I need it?

Note: If you find certain limitations to the API key, please contact us. The API key is a secret token that is used to… Read more

123FormBuilder API – API Responses

At some point, while using our API, you may fail to access the data from your 123FormBuilder account. It’s best that you understand from… Read more

123FormBuilder API – PHP Script Example

This script performs the following steps: Step 1: retrieves all forms in the given account (determined by the API key) Step 2: determines the… Read more

123FormBuilder API – POST Webhook

The POST Webhook API page is useful in integrating a form with an external application. More precisely, the form submission is the "trigger" and… Read more

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Submissions Count

The Retrieve Submissions Count API page has the simplest output: an XML document with a root element containing a numeric value. Page URL:{form-id-here}/submissions/count.{xml|json}

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Submissions

The Retrieve Submissions action is a little more complex than the others. It returns details about the submissions of a certain form. Page URL:… Read more

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Fields

The Retrieve Fields API page outputs information about the fields of a certain form. Page URL:{form-id-here}/fields.{xml|json} The XML output contains as the root… Read more

123FormBuilder API – Retrieve Forms

The Retrieve Forms API page retrieves details on any form that belongs to the current user. The user is determined by the apiKey parameter.… Read more

123FormBuilder API

The 123FormBuilder API is built mainly for programmers who want to retrieve data from their account and, implicitly, from their forms. Note: If you… Read more