Repeatable question groups for your respondents


by 123FormBuilder

Sometimes one question is not enough. For all those situations when you need to let your visitors complete additional fields for the info you need, we’ve launched a new tool that you can use – the repeatable container field.


How does it work?
Think of the repeatable container like a box. A box where you can add multiple question fields, which then act as one. Your visitor will be able to click on a button to generate an additional box with those questions fields included. This way, if you want to let your users add as much information as they need, you can do so in an organized way.
Useful scenarios
We’ve looked at a few scenarios in which our users needed to let their visitors add more than one field to fill in the required information. Here are three cases in which the repeatable container shines:

  • Job application forms. Just like in a CV or LinkedIn, you can let your applicants fill in multiple work experiences or education details.
  • job-form-repeatable

  • Event registration forms. You can enable your form to let more than one person register for events.
  • Order forms. Some people might want multiple shipping addresses for the products they order. Through the repeatable container, you can let them add multiple addresses to the form.

Compatibility & how submission data looks
Since the new repeatable container field’s main role is to collect data in an organized way, we’ve excluded some fields that can be introduced inside it. Any field that doesn’t collect a data input from the user like Google Maps, Image and Video fields and a few other will not be available to be added inside the repeatable container. Submission data for the repeatable container will be grouped up under the field type so it’s to identify in both the submission tab and the autoresponder email.


What do you think about the new addition? If you have any use cases in which this field might work well, please share! Other people might get inspired by your suggestion 🙂


  1. How do you apply RULES to the fields inside the repeatable container. Looks like the rules only works with the first record, not to additional records. Also, it would be nice if there is a way to set the text of the “add more” button. Very nice feature, but needs some issues resolved!

  2. At Last – I requested this about 5 years ago for timesheet entry – Glad it’s here. I’ll give it a go.

  3. Cool , have been waiting for this one , will use it when registering companies for clients ,where there are more than 1 director’s details required.

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