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If you use 123FormBuilder web forms on your clients’ websites, you can create subaccounts for them. This way, clients will be able to access forms themselves. Create subaccounts in the Users section and grant them certain permissions and access levels by your desire.


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  1. hello contact form, am using gold platform, is it possible for me to add other recipients to the submission sent to my email’
    if it is possible how do i do it.

  2. I need to set up a player profile page that can be accessed by the athlete and be able to be adjusted by that individual only. It also needs to have their own log in and password. Their info needs to be able to be emailed to college coaches, can this be done, if so how? Thank you for your response.

    1. Hello!

      Yes, there are ways to achieve your needs, as follows: You, as the owner of the 123FormBuilder account, can create an online form that will be completed by the athletes. They will submit all their information that builds their profile which will be sent in the Submissions section of your account. You can then add several email recipients that will receive a notification email with the information filled by the athlete. Here you can add the email addresses of the college coaches you are in partnership with.

      Each time an athlete submits their profile through your form, all the recipients will receive an email with the athlete’s profile.

      In the scenario that you have explained, your athletes don’t need subaccounts, but a way to update their submission (profile) whenever needed. That’s where our Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time comes in. After submitting your form, the athlete will receive an email with the link that he/she can access at a later time to adjust the information.

      In another way, you can upgrade to a higher plan, such as Diamond, that has up to 19 subaccounts (20 with you). You can create a subaccount for each one of the college coaches and grant them permissions to the Submission section of your form to see the latest entries.

      The possibilities are endless, but feel free to ask our Support Team for more information and assistance, at support@123formbuilder.com

      Here’s our features matrix for further information on the plans we offer: http://www.123formbuilder.com/features-matrix.html.


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