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How to show or hide form labels

You can use this option to style your form and make it look more dynamic. This option appears when you select a field, in the Edit Field panel. You have three options to choose from in the dropdown list, as following:

123FormBuilder Hide or show form labels

  • Show – Always show label
  • Hide – Hide label text
  • Remove – Hide label text and space

If you select the Show option, the labels are displayed normally.


If you select Hide, the label will be invisible on the form, but the space it takes up will be preserved. Note: These settings are not global. You’ll need to change settings to each field label in particular.

hide form labels

If you do not want to keep the space, simply select the third option available, Remove. Here is an example with all fields set with the current option:


That’s all there is to it. Use the Label Visibility option to create forms of your desire and needs.


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