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How to publish my form with Dreamweaver?

If you edit a website in Dreamweaver, you will need to publish the form using the Javascript option (Embed tab). Copy the code there and go to Dreamweaver. Select Insert in the top menu, then HTMLScript ObjectsScript. Paste the form script in the box that opens up. Make sure the script title doesn’t appear twice () and that’s about it. Save your progress and start collecting submissions from your Dreamweaver website.

how to publish web forms with Dreamweaver

Note: Your website has to be online (uploaded on a server), otherwise the form will not appear on the webpage. This is due to the fact that the JavaScript code constantly retrieves data from your 123FormBuilder account whenever you’re making a change to your form. It cannot, therefore, retrieve or submit data to your local device.

If you are looking to see how the form is displayed on your webpage, use the Inline HTML code from the Get Code & PublishEmbed Code of your form. We recommend, however, that you switch to using the JavaScript code once your website is online. If you keep using the Inline HTML code, you’ll need to re-copy and re-paste the code from 123FormBuilder in Dreamweaver each time you edit your form.

For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Hi,

    I am using Adobe Dreamweaver CC (Creative Cloud) going to insert =>HTML=>Script opens a window to insert a file/script object. Do I need to save the javascript as a file first? or is there a different method of inserting the script with Dreamweaver CC?

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