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How to embed web forms on your One.com website?

Web forms can be easily published in the content of your One.com web pages. With the 123FormBuilder web forms in minutes and have them published with different methods. In this guide, we will show you how to embed your web forms in your One.com-built website. Here’s how you can achieve this:

1. In your 123FormBuilder account, go to My Forms and select the form you want to publish.

2. When the form is selected, notice the links that drop below and click Get Code & Publish.

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<p>3. In the <b>Publish</b> section of your form, click on the <b>Embed Code</b> tab on the left. </p>
<p>4. We recommend the JavaScript option for embedding your form, so you will not be required to republish the form each time it’s edited. As such, copy the code that appears in the JavaScript box. </p>
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<p>5. Log into your One.com account and go to the <b>Web Editor</b>. </p>
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<p>6. Select your website and the web page where you want the form embedded.</p>
<p>7. In the menu on the left, click the <b>Components</b> tab and drag the <b>Code</b> component to your web page. </p>
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<p>8. Select the <b>Code</b> component on your web page and paste the JavaScript code of your form in <b>Code</b> box on the left, located under the <b>Properties</b> tab. Afterwards, add a title to your component. </p>
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<p>9. Adjust the size of the component on the page, if needed, and don’t forget to save your web page. Use the preview mode to see how your form is displayed on the web page. From now on, you can receive submissions from your One.com website. </p>
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<p>If you want to add the web form in a lightbox, instead of selecting the <b>Embed Code</b> tab in the <b>Publish</b> section of your form on 123FormBuilder, select the <b>Lightbox</b> tab. Copy the code that suits your needs best from the four available options and repeat the steps above. </p>

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