How to autofill form fields using your browser?

The autofill option is a handy tool to save some time from manually refilling the same information for different forms. If you’re a form visitor or you have created a form of your own, the autofill option is always useful. You can save predefined values on your browser for form fields such as name, email, address, country, phone and so on. However, different browsers have different settings. Follow these easy steps on how to autofill form fields from your browser:

Google Chrome

1. Go to SettingsShow advanced settings.

2. In Passwords and forms, enable the autofill option to fill out web forms and click on the Manage autofill settings link.

autofill form fields in Google Chrome

3. In Autofill settings, hit Add new street address and fill in the fields with the information you want to predefine.

autofill forms

4. Press Ok to save settings.
autofill ></p>
<p><a name=Mozilla Firefox

Note: The autofill feature is not included for Firefox, but there are a variety of add-ons to choose from, such as Autofill Forms, Fireform or InFormEnter. Install one of these add-ons to have your browser autofill the form fields you want.


1. Go to the SettingsPreferences section of your Safari browser.

2. Click on the Autofill tab and hit the Edit button for using the information of your Address Book.

autofill form in Safari

3. Fill in the form fields from the popup and save your settings by pressing Ok.

autofill form in Safari browser

4. Next, go to Customize Toolbar and drag the Autofill widget on your searchbar. From now on, each time you click on a form field and press the Autofill button from the toolbar, the input of the field will be automatically filled with the data you’ve saved in your Address Book.

how to autofill form fields ></p>
<p><a name=Opera

1. Go to SettingsPrivacy & Security and tick the Autofill option to enable it.

2. Hit Manage autofill settings to open the lightbox.

autofill form fields Opera

3. Click on Add new street address and fill in the form fields with the information you want to save.

autofill forms ></p>
<p>4. Press <strong>Ok</strong> and that’s it. When you type the first letter, all the information data will be automatically filled in the form.</p>
<p><a name=Unfortunately, Internet Explorer hasn’t got a feature to autofill other form fields besides the username and password. You’ll find the feature in Internet OptionsAutocompleteSettings. Enable the autocomplete option for forms and press Ok.

Important: The autofill feature will be activated once you have typed the first letter of the data you have saved on your browser (e.g. the first letter of your first name). For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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  1. Mark says:

    I have a 2 part form. I needs the fields from the first form to autofill on the second form. How do you do this?

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