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How much storage space do I have?

The space that you’ve got to store the files uploaded by form users depends on the service plan you are on: Gold – 500MB, Platinum – 2GB, Professional – 10GB. You can find more details in our Features Matrix.


  1. Hi friends,

    I have a question. When someone uploads an image, can we delete it to keep the 500 MB space free? We expect around 3000 photos.

    Thanks for your help, we want to buy the Gold Plan.

    1. Hello Alejandro,

      Yes, you can download the imagines and then delete them form the Uploads Manager section, in order to remain under the 500 MB limit.

      Also, how much space the uploaded imagines take up, depends on the file size the user provide.

      If you wish to upgrade please contact our Business Team at accounts@123formbuilder.com. And, if you have any questions regarding your forms you can contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com.


  2. Hi! Im interested in how can i activate Premium Wix plan on your site?? Im using wix on Premium but i can only see that i can activate the basic plan

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