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Using the 123FormBuilder – Dropbox integration you can have the files uploaded by visitors through your form sent directly to your Dropbox account at form submission. Follow the steps below to enable the integration:

  1. Build a form that contains at least one File Upload field.
  2. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps, select Dropbox in the applications list and click Add.
  3. Click Connect Account in the application box, provide your Dropbox login data and allow the application to access your account.

123FormBuilder Dropbox integration

That’s it! Now, when somebody uploads a file through your form and sends it, the file will arrive in your Dropbox account. Other than that, uploaded files will behave normally – they will be sent to you via email as attachments (when the file size is smaller than 5MB) or as download links (when the size is larger) and will appear as download links in the Submissions section of your 123FormBuilder account.

Dropbox integration

The file formats that can be sent through the Dropbox integration are all those that are normally supported by 123FormBuilder web forms. Find the list of supported file formats here.


    1. Hi,

      By default a folder with the form name is automatically created when integrating your form with Dropbox. The designated default folder cannot be changed, but files can be manually moved to another folder afterwards.


  1. I have just finished my form on 123form builder and one of my field is upload file. I really want to have all this files on my dropxbox – when I tested my form there is only folder for files – there is no file!!!!!!! help me

    1. Hello Aleksandra!

      Have you followed the documentation step by step? It usually takes up to 5 minutes for the files to be transferred in your Dropbox account, so please confirm if the problem persists. For anything related to your 123 Form Builder account, don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com


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