Can I track form activity with Google Analytics?

Yes, you can. Go to SettingsNotifications and, under Form Owner Options, enable the option Insert Google Analytics code on the page. Provide your Google Analytics Profile ID in the box that shows up and your domain. Now, the page where your form is found is being tracked. You’re not required to paste an extra code in the form itself. This option automatically sets the form to be tracked in your Google Analytics account.

track form activity in Google Analytics

If you want to track your form in Universal Analytics, tick the checkbox Use Universal Analytics.

In order to view the activity associated with your form URL, log in to your Google Analytics account and select your profile. Go to Settings, on the top-right, and click on Reporting from the top line.

From there go to Behaviour, on the left panel. Next, go to Site ContentAll Pages, then look for your form in the table on the right.

Google Analytics form tracking

Important: Use JavaScript only to embed your online form if you want the Google Analytics option to track your form correctly.

If you are not the admin of the website where the online form is embedded, contact the admin and ask for the Profile ID to be provided to you.

If you are the admin, but have problems finding your Profile ID, log into your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin tab. You’ll be redirected to a page that contains three columns: Account, Property and View. Select the website (if you use more than one) in the dropdown from Property and select the account under the Account dropdown. Next, hit Account Settings under Account.

123FormBuilder Google Analytics

The Profile ID is located under Analytics Account SettingsBasic SettingsAccount Id. It’s an 8-digit code that you will need to copy and paste in NotificationsForm Owner OptionsGoogle Analytics Options, with UA- in front. Here’s an example: UA-11111111

123FormBuilder Google Analytics


  1. Amanda Davey says:

    Hello, I do not have a “thank you” form on my website I would like Google Analytics to still be connected to website ,how may I do this please?

  2. hankafoushe says:

    I’m just adding my website in google analytics

    and he give me ID and java script code

    when can I get this code in my files


  3. Scott Mccrea says:

    Does the Google Account for tracking the forms need to be the same code that is on the website?

    If I just want to track the form can us another account?

    • Hello Scott!

      Each website (domain) has a profile ID, which you in turn have to add in the 123FormBuilder – Google Analytics integration. That profile ID is linked to your account, so no – you cannot track the form using another account.

      If you require more assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form.


  4. Daniele says:

    Hello, I inserted the Analytics profile ID in the form’s settings, and went to the Behavior>Site Content>All Pages section. Now what? I just see the list of pages of my website; most of them contain the form I wish to track, how do I see their stats? I would like to add the form’s submission as a conversion goal, is that possible? Thanks!

    • Hello Daniele!

      If you want to add the form submission as a conversion goal to your Google Analytics dashboard, copy the event tracking code from your Google Analytics account, save it as a JavaScript file, upload the file to a server and paste it’s URL in the SettingsAdvanced section of your 123FormBuilder account. The option that you need to enable is Add a JS script to the Thank You page of your form.

      For assistance or question, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at //

      • Egor says:

        I have another question on the point. I’m working on a site constructor, so I cannot just upload a custom file to the server and specify its URL. What do I do then? How do I attach an event label to an order button click on the form?

      • Hello!

        I’ve noticed you have left a message to our Support Team, also. We apologize for the late reply. Regarding the site constructor, have you tried contacting one of its support representatives on whether you can upload files to their servers? Our support specialists will kindly offer you more info on the matter. They will reply to you email as soon as possible.


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