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Can I publish my form on a Sitefinity website?

Yes, we’ve got a plugin for Sitefinity. Download and install it, then publish your web forms on your Sitefinity website. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use the 123FormBuilder widget for Sitefinity:

1. Open Sitefinity Project Manager
2. Create a new Website and configure it.
3. Right Click on the Edit in Visual Studio link.


4. Once Visual Studio opens, you will see some project files on the right side .Create a new directory and rename it to Widgets.

5. Upload in the Widget directory the 123FormBuilder files. You will import the files by right clicking on the Widget directory → AddExisting Item …

After the files have been uploaded, do not forget to Build your project.( Press F6 ).
Your folder should look like this:

After this step, you can close the Visual Studio Environment.

6. Go to Sitefinity Project Manager, right click on your project and choose Go to Administration. Your default Browser should open a website url.
7. Use your User and Password to login into website administration.
8. Once you are logged in, go to AdministrationSettings.

9. On the Settings Page, click the Advanced button.
10. Next , go to ToolboxesToolboxesPage Controls → Sections and create a new Section using the Create new button . Give a name and a title to your new Section. In this example, the section will be named 123CfWidget.
11. Go to your new Section (123CfWidget) → Tools and use the Create New button . This screen should appear:

Insert in the Control CLR Type or Virtual Path the path to the main file of the project.
Important note: The Control CLR Type must be identical to the one used in our example! Insert Widget name and Widget Title and click the Save changes button.

12. Now, you will go to Pages. Open your page, and in the right bottom corner you should see the new Widget.

13. Drag your widget into the page.
14. After you have dragged the widget into the page, use the Widget Edit button. The following pop-up will appear:

After you insert the API Key, hit the Connect button, and instead of Plese select a form you will see your www.123FormBuilder.com forms.Select your Form and use the Save button.

To get your API Key, login to your 123FormBuilder account and go to My Account.

15. In the left side, you will be able to see the API Key. Just copy-paste it to Sitefinity 123FormBuilder Widget. With that you are done and ready to use your 123FormBuilder Forms in Sitefinity.

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