Antispam Protection


Captcha images certify that your submitter is a real person and not a robot.

You may choose to always show a Captcha image at the bottom of your form, to show a daily changed image or to use Smart Captcha – this will only appear when your form is abused (for example, when multiple submissions come from the same IP). The number of submissions made from the same IP can be limited to a certain number per hour, day, week, month, year and eternity, as well as the total number of submissions received through the online form.

Antispam verification number

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  1. Georg Kapehl says:


    we use 123form in ours webside saraandkate under CMS from WIX.
    i have some questions.

    1.) where/how I can chance the font size from the confirmationinfo, obviously after sending the form
    2.) in the form newsletter an contact on ours webside we have switched on Security Captcha. Visible is a a questian mark, which click with the application explained, how I can suppress the sign “?” where I can switch off this.

    best regards


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