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A significant part of our users are web designers who need to build online forms for their clients’ websites. Their feedback often touches on how useful it would be to have subaccounts, that would allow clients to access and, why not, to manage forms themselves. Well, as we were telling you last time, subaccounts are here! Let’s see what they’re all about.

To visit the Users section, click on the newly added tab in your main menu. The section is structured much alike your My Forms section, only that – instead of forms – it lists users.

123FormBuilder subaccounts

You can create subusers, edit their information and manage permissions. Subusers will access their accounts like any other 123FormBuilder users and they will be on the service plan that you are on. Their login data will be sent to them via email, together with basic information on how to use the 123FormBuilder platform.

How much control will subusers have over their forms? It is up to you. There are three permission levels – No access, View only and View & Edit – that you can set, separately, for the sections Form Editor, Settings, Submissions and Reports.

How many subusers can a master account create? It depends on the plan that you are on. On the Platinum plan, you can create 5 subaccounts. On our new Diamond plan – 20 subaccounts. If you need more than 20 subusers, contact us.

Read more about how to set up 123FormBuilder subaccounts and get to work – your clients will be thrilled!


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  2. ChatMaster says:

    Has the GOLD Submissions per month been changed since the introduction of the new DIAMOND plan?

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