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by 123FormBuilder

Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn! Your online form visitors are now able to let everybody know what a wonderful form you’ve set up, by spreading the word out on the most popular social networks. Our fresh out of the box form field – Social Buttons – allows form users to recommend your form to their friends, circles, followers and connections with the power of a mouse click. All you need to do is add the Social Buttons field to your contact form.

Forms with Social Buttons

Go to your 123FormBuilder Form editor and press Add fieldAdvanced fieldsSocial buttons. Simply click on the button or drag it to your main view.

The social platform icons will appear on your form and you can move on to customizing options. You can choose what social icons will be displayed and tweak their behavior.

Click on the Social Buttons field in your main view to open the Edit field panel on the left side of the screen.

Social Buttons

First, align the social buttons to the left or to the right of your web form by selecting your preferred option in the Align dropdown list.

Then, in the Buttons section, tick or untick the social network icons that you want displayed within your form.

Finally, decide whether the number of likes, +1’s, tweets and LinkedIn recommendations will be public or not by selecting or deselecting the Show count option.

That’s it! Your web form URL will be passed on to your form visitors’ social groups with each click on the social icons. If form users are not logged in on the social platform where they want to recommend your web form, a pop-up window will invite them to do so.

To start using social buttons for your web forms, sign up for a 123FormBuilder account. If you’ve already got one, click here to log in and enable visitors to link to your web form easily.


  1. You should really consider adding Reddit and Pinterest to your social submission options. According to the data collected on both are receiving significant amounts of shared URL content.

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