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Zoho CRM

The integration of 123FormBuilder with Zoho CRM allows you to send leads, contacts and company information to your Zoho CRM account. The Zoho CRM terminology refers to Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Leads are potentials contacts, Contacts are individuals with whom you’ve already done business and each Account is associated with a company.

Zoho CRM integration with web forms

To enable the integration with Zoho CRM, go to your 123FormBuilder Settings3rd Party Apps section, select Zoho CRM in the dropdown list and press Add. Provide your Zoho CRM user information and select, in the dropdown list, the type of object you want to create: Lead, Contact or Account.

The final thing that you need to do is click on Customize and create associations under Default Fields and Custom Fields (if needed) between form fields and the fields in your Zoho CRM account.

Note: Once the credentials are saved on the app, they become locked and cannot be changed unless you disable the app by ticking the checkbox on the top right corner, or if you change the object type from the dropdown list. In short, whenever you want to change the username and/or password of the Zoho CRM account in the app, make sure you disable it first.

You may update contacts, leads or accounts by checking the option Upload record if it already exists. If you want to send uploaded files to your Zoho CRM attachments, check the option Send uploaded files to Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM integration with web forms

Finally, use the email address for Error Handling to receive error message from certain submissions. In case of a bad Internet connection on the user’s side, you will receive a message by email if the integration failed.

Press Save and it’s done! You will now receive form submissions in your Zoho CRM account.

Take note that each time the app is saved, the same token is saved in your Zoho CRM account, in My AccountSettingsActive Authtokens. The Zoho CRM account cannot support more than 10 tokens at the same time, the reason why we update the same token every time. In case your integration isn’t working, check if you haven’t deleted the token by accident in your Zoho CRM account.

Find out how to set up custom fields for your Zoho CRM account.


  1. I have the starter version of your contact form being used on my website. I am interested in integrating my 123 contact form with Zoho CRM. I was wondering if you offered a trial period to do this so I could see how well this works before I upgrade to your Gold package?



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