What is the Reference ID?

Reference ID is a very effective way of tracking form submissions (sent and received emails) concerning a particular subject. If this feature is activated, the subject of the email you receive will contain a unique identifier, based on the time stamp, e.g.: Ref: ABC-1206090399.

123FormBuilder Reference ID

ABC is the code that you type in the Reference ID box in the SettingsNotificationsForm Owner Options section. It is common for all form submissions. 1206090399 is a unique number.

Reference ID has two major advantages:

  1. Each form submission has a unique identifier.
  2. You can track the communication related to a certain subject. Filter your emails by the common code.


  1. Ehab says:

    How can I View the ref ID an the submitting thanks letter, so our employee can sure and track there submitted form

    • Daira Tabuica says:

      You can add the Reference ID to a form to keep a better track of your submissions. This feature can be activated from Settings–>Notifications–>Form Owner (You)–>Email header and content, under Message subject you can tick the Reference ID.
      If you want the users to be able to receive a notification about the form they just submitted you can activate the Autoresponder from Settings->Notifications->Form User-> send a confirmation email to the sender.
      You can also choose to send a copy of the completed form by activating the option under the Autoresponder.
      If you have any other questions, please contact us at support@123formbuilder.com.

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