How to download multiple files from the Uploads Manager?

How to download multiple files from the Uploads Manager?

Use the File Upload field on your form to receive files uploaded by form users. Each of these files are stored in the Uploads Manager of your 123FormBuilder account. Go to the My AccountPayment Details section of your account and click on the Uploads Manager link. Here you can view all the files that have been uploaded from all your online forms.

To download multiple files at the same time, simply select the files (by clicking on the checkboxes) and press the Download Selected button on top of the table. You can check the first checkbox on the top left, next to Filename, to select all the files at once. The download will start immediately on your device.

All files are archived in a .zip file, so you’ll need to unzip them on your device with the help of a dedicated software (e.g. 7-zip). However, because of technical difficulties, you cannot download more than 300 MB at the same time.

You’ll find the .zip file by the name “archive_[your-username]”.

download multiple files from 123FormBuilder

Make sure you check the path where your browser will save the files. Some browsers will immediately ask the path for your download(e.g. Firefox), while others will directly save the files in a predefined downloads folder (e.g. Downloads for Chrome).

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