How to customize Address subfields on your form?

You can customize the form address subfields as follows:

  1. Specify the format: All countries, US states, Canadian provinces, Australian states or UK region.
  2. Specify the subfields that appear in the form.
  3. Specify the required subfields, if the Address field is mandatory.
  4. Specify which countries are available in the dropdown list.
  5. Set the default country that appears in the form, when opened.

In your Form Editor you can customize the address field anyway you like. You have the options to specify which subfields are required. The Address field consists out of six subfields. In Edit FieldAdvanced you can also set which subfields will appear in the form, as well as the available countries, the instructions of the fourth subfield (region or state) and the default country.

Adress Field - Required Subfields

1. To start with, simply add the Address field on your form and customize it in the Edit Field panel, on the left. If you choose to set the Address field as required, all of its subfields will also be set as required. With the option Required Subfields, however, you can set some of the subfields to be optional, by unchecking them in the dropdown list. This way, form users will no longer be restraint to fill in each subfield before submitting the form. This is very useful when you want to build a profile for each of your contacts, but do not require all of the address details.

Address field advanced options

2. If you want to change the format of the address field, go to Edit FieldAdvanced and you’ll find the Country dropdown displayed on top. All means the international address format will be added on the form, while the other options will load the states, provinces or regions of the selected country in a dropdown that may be used by the form visitors. For now, we support states for the US and Australia, provinces for Canada and regions for the UK.

Address Field - Visible Subfields

3. If you want to leave out some subfields from the Address field, go to Edit FieldAdvancedVisible Subfields and uncheck the subfields you don’t need, in the dropdown list. If you want to use all subfields at a later time, press Check All and all the subfields will reappear in your form.

Take note that every time you add an Address field, it will initially appear with all of its six subfields.

4. In the Country subfield you can select from 202 available countries and international entities. You can uncheck some of them in the Edit Field panel, depending on your needs. To uncheck them all, go to AdvancedAvailable Countries and simply press Uncheck all, on top of the dropdown list, although the United States will remain, as there has to be at least one country available. You have also the option to check all countries back.

complex address field for form

5. You can also set the form to autodetect the country your form user comes from, based on his/her IP. Go to AdvancedDefault Country and select Autodetect from the dropdown list. Now your form users will not lose their time finding their country when filling out the Address field.

6. If you want to use the Region or State option, notice that it only changes the instructions of the subfield from Region to State or vice versa. If you want to use your form on global scale, where some form users might come from region divided nations or states, such as the United States or Mexico, you could use Translations and write down your own instructions, like for example “Region/State”.


  1. Lee Matthews says:

    Is there a way that i can have a “Hopme address” then have a tickbox that says is your mailing\postal address the same as your home address?” if it is ticked then it copies the date from home address to mailing\postal address

    • Hello Lee!

      I’ll reply to both of your inquiries here.

      1) Is there a way to separate the Address subfields in your email notifications? No, you cannot receive them separated one from another. If you want, you can submit a feature request that will be voted upon by other users in our feature requests section. This helps us manage our to-do list for future developments. Use the Suggest Feature button to add your request.

      2) Is there a way to copy address input from one field to another based on a tickbox? No, we do support that option either. However, you can use different programming scripts to achieve those goals, but we do not offer support for that. If you want, you may suggest it in our feature requests section.

      If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our technicians and customer support staff at or via our contact form.


  2. Lee Matthews says:

    Is there a way with the Address field that it can email through as different fields and not combined into the one? I guess the same goes with the advanced Name field?

  3. Mike says:

    Is there a way to default state to ohio?

    • Hello Mike!

      We do not support this feature, but it could go in our To-Do list. Just submit this suggest feature form (available only when logged in) and it will be published in the Feature Requests section of our Knowledge Base, where other users may cast their vote. With enough votes, it will be prioritized into production.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form.


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