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How to change favicon of 123FormBuilder account?

A favicon is the tiny icon displayed in the browser tab where the webpage is opened. It usually has the extension .ico and is used for branding the content of the webpage. You can change the favicon of your 123FormBuilder account with one of your own.

To change the favicon of your 123FormBuilder account, you need a Professional plan or higher. Here’s how you can change the favicon:

1. Log into your 123FormBuilder account and go to My AccountChange Account Details.

how to change favicon for 123FormBuilder

2. Afterwards, scroll down to the last line and paste the URL of your favicon in the Favicon URL box. Hit Save and you are done. These steps apply to both Diamond and Enterprise (White Label).

how to change favicon for 123FormBuilder

Reload the page so your favicon will replace the default one. Find the Refresh button of your Internet browser, click it and you’ll see your favicon immediately.

how to change favicon for 123FormBuilder

Note: The proportions of a favicon are 16 pixels in width and height (16×16).

This concludes this guide on how to change favicon of your 123FormBuilder account. For assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@123formbuilder.com


  1. Hi there, I must admit that I’m a bit confused by the favicon feature. It suggests that the customer will somehow end up on a branded 123 page. Where does this happen? I had assumed that the customized forms provided by 123 were imbedded in our own domain. Does the customer go to a 123 page if using 123 as payment gateway order form?

    1. Hello Shannon,
      The favicon is a custom feature to further improve your form and give it a personal touch. When you publish the form on your specific website, the people completing it will not be redirected to our 123FormBuilder platform or see our backlink in the browser. If you have a form that allows payments, he will be redirected to the Payment Processor you have opted for and further complete the payment. If you have more questions please contact our support team by sending an email at support@123formbuilder.com

  2. With the diamond plan are we able also to put our own logo in the form, at the top and bottom, instead of seeing yours? Thanks!

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