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Can I embed online forms on Umbraco CMS?

Yes, you can embed online forms on Umbraco CMS in different ways. As long as you have full administrative privileges on your Umbraco website to edit scripts, such as HTML and JavaScript, you can choose the method that suits your needs best. To save time and for better performance, we recommend the JavaScript code option in the PublishEmbed Code section of your form. This way, whenever you edit your online form with the 123FormBuilder embed ></p>
<p>In the lightbox, select <b>HTML</b> or <b>CSHTML</b>. Next, press <b>Ok</b>.</p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>A script will appear on screen, on the right. Place the cursor between the body tags (<em><body>, </body></em>) and paste the JavaScript code there.</p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>Rename the file if needed and you’ll see the results by launching the file in your browser (right-click file and select <b>Launch in browser</b>). </p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>If you need assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to <a href=contact us. Our support specialists will reply as soon as possible.

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