Form Grouping

Another thing that you can do in the My Forms section is create groups of forms, in order to manage them more easily and quickly. To enable the form groups feature, open the dropdown list found at page top – View Type. Select the option Grouped.

Form Grouping

In the beginning, all forms will be included in the Default Group. Click the button New Group to create a new group of forms. Type in its name and press Save. Then, drag and drop forms to the new group. You can move multiple forms or groups at the same time by ticking the check boxes and dragging them to the desired group.

The two major advantages of using form groups are that you can set a recipient email addresses for all forms in a group with one click and that you can change the form theme for all forms at once.

To access these options, click on Group Options. Type in the email address to which notifications will be sent, select a form theme and click Save.

If you want to remove a form from a group, simply drag it to the Default Group.

Manage groups

The form grouping feature goes hand in hand with our users feature. From your Users panel, you can add an entire group of forms to a user’s subaccount. Select a group, click Grant Access and all the forms in that group will be listed in your user’s subaccount. Assign permissions normally to forms.


  1. Janna says:

    Can groups be reordered? Can I add a subgroup to a group?

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