Can I use the service only for creating contact forms?

No, you may use it for whatever HTML / PHP forms you wish, but you are required not to use it on illegal sites. Any user that will try to send spam through this site will have the account deleted and the IP banned. Read our Terms of Service for more information.

You can create a large variety of online forms and surveys, including event registration forms, order forms, quizzes, polls and the list can continue. Check out our available free form templates and see which one suits you best. We believe in diversity of both our services and our clients, therefore giving you the possibility to create not only standard forms or surveys, but also branding them.

Benefit from our 3rd Party Apps and payment gateways provided by us for your account. Build a complex order form and start making money fast.

For more information, consult our features matrix to learn about our available subscriptions.

If you have questions or need for assistance, contact us and our Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Suresh Rajpura says:

    I have just created a form to see how this work. But dont know how to use it. Do i need a website to use the form i have created? or can i use on its own without a website. If u can pls let me know. Thank u.

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