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123FormBuilder API – API Responses

At some point, while using our API, you may fail to access the data from your 123FormBuilder account. It’s best that you understand from the very beginning the cause of these errors. Therefore, here is a complete list of all the API responses you’d receive, with explanations attached.

In XML and JSON, the API error messages appear as tags (<errorMessage>), respectively names/keys (message).

table.api-messages {border-collapse:collapse;}
table.api-messages td {padding:5px 10px !important; width:350px; border:1px solid #ccc;}
td.pinktext {color:#c80042;}

Error Messages What it means
Wrong API key This happens in three cases:
1.The API key you’ve assigned is not of 35 characters (with “-”).
2.The first or the second part does not contain a numeric field.
3.The API key you’ve provided is not identical with the one from your 123FormBuilder account.
Empty API key! You haven’t assigned the API Key from your 123FormBuilder account.
You have exceeded the number of requests for today! You are not allowed to make more than 100 API calls per day on the Basic plan..
No action specified! The action cannot be found within the URL.
No form specified! The form cannot be found within the URL.
No URL specified! You haven’t specified your Webhook URL.
We couldn’t find this e-mail address associated with any of your subuser accounts! When retrieving a form, and the e-mail address is not associated to any of your subusers.
We couldn’t find this form ID in your subuser’s account! When retrieving a form, and the form ID is not associated to any of your subusers.
We couldn’t find this form ID in your account activity! The form ID you have specified in the URL cannot be found in your 123FormBuilder account.
You do not have access to this operation! The subuser is not allowed to perform this operation.
The specified webhook already exists! You cannot have duplicated webhooks.
You have more than 10 webhooks set for this form! You can have up to 10 webhooks on a form.
You can only access our API via HTTPS! You cannot access your 123FormBuilder account using HTTP.

And here is the confirmation message that you will receive when your webhook is added successfully.

Message What it means
You have succesfully added a new webhook! The webhook has been added successfully.


    1. Hello Pavan!

      I apologize for the late reply. From what I see, your problem is linked to a 405 status code error, which can be fixed by adding a trailing slash, as explained in this article. If this is not the case, may I suggest waiting for one of my colleagues from customer support to reply to your previous email with a proper solution.

      For assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


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