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Can I embed my online form into an email?

123FormBuilder Embed form in email

No, you cannot. Especially if you intend to receive submissions this way. Even though we encourage the use of JavaScript to embed forms on different web pages, embedding them into emails is not the case. That’s because it implies a security risk for the majority of webmail clients. Yes, you can embed HTML content into an email if it supports HTML elements, but online forms are not exclusively HTML built. Even though you succeed in embedding your online form into an email, chances are the end user will not be able to submit it at all.

The best solution in this matter is to provide the link of your online form within the email. This way, your end users will click on the link and have the form opened in a separate page where it’s fully functional. Go to Publish FormForm LinkURL to retrieve the link to your online form.

If you use ExactTarget, you can follow our guide on how to include web forms in your automated ExactTarget emails. Even here the web form shows up as a link and is opened in a separate page upon click.

If you want to read more, follow Campaign Monitor’s article on using forms in email.

In conclusion, it is not that you can or cannot embed forms into emails. It’s about the fact the online forms don’t work properly or at all on different email platforms (e.g. Yahoo, GMail, Outlook).

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