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Marketing agency turns to 123FormBuilder for powerful, cost-efficient, and secure online forms, saving up to 90% in time & costs, while cutting down all spam

Continuum Marketing Group is a marketing agency founded in 2002 by David and Cynthia Alpert that works exclusively with remodeling contractors from all over the US. As part of their service package, the agency offers web design, SEO, and social media marketing to name a few. Continuum Marketing Group needed to facilitate the interaction between the remodeling contractor and their prospects online. At first, they started building their clients’ web forms in-house, which quickly turned into a major time sink, costing more than expected, with forms attracting a lot of spam.

After deciding to create and manage their online form creation through 123FormBuilder, here are some of the results that David Alpert summarized for us:

  • Saved 50-90% of the development time and cost for creating online forms and 75-95% – for updating existing forms.
  • Spam form submissions all but stopped immediately
  • Streamlined and automated processes through integration with 3rd party apps
  • Gained better visibility into where leads come from

Download the case study today and learn more about how Continuum Marketing Group started building faster, cost-effective, secure, and efficient online forms for their customers!

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