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Success Story - Continuum Marketing Group

123 Form Builder Continuum Marketing Group Save Time, Money, and Effort with Smart, Secure Forms

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Continuum Marketing Group is a marketing agency that works exclusively with remodeling contractors from all over the US. Founded in 2002 by David and Cynthia Alpert, their company provides remodeling contractors with effective and comprehensive strategies, and support implementing and managing their marketing activities.

Backed up with an arsenal of knowledge and experience by working alongside remodeling contractors for over two decades, the company is nationally recognized for their remodeling business and marketing expertise in this niche.

To make their activities smoother and more efficient, Continuum Marketing Group needed a software solution to: 

  • Help them reduce time, cost, and effort when creating online forms 
  • Create forms based on smart logic that determines what questions to show (and when), as well as send specific auto-responses 
  • Eliminate spam from their form submissions 
  • Be easily integrated with other software applications they used 

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