Case Study

Charitable Organization - BraveHoods

Charitable Organization – BraveHoods

BraveHoods is a non-profit organisation which works closely with hospitals, cancer treatment facilities, international charitable organizations and schools to help out children going through cancer treatment. Founded in 2013, Allison Yacht wanted to provide comfort to these kids by giving them a way of overcoming the discomfort of hair loss from cancer treatment through the use of hoodies. They operate on the buy-one-give-one model. For each piece of clothing sold, BraveHoods donates a comfortable and stylish hoodie with an empowering messages aiming to constantly remind the kids and everyone around them to live with hope and optimism. So far, they have given away over 2,000 BraveHoods and have more to go

The program is built around the possibility to order hoodies and the organization needed a simple solution which both collected the necessary information about the parents, case and child as well as process orders and collect payments.