Referral Form
1.  Please complete the entire form.
2.  You are eligible for a referral award upon the training applicant completing the referred course requiremements.  The eligible referral payment amounts are indicated below:

21 Day Private Pilot Course - ($750.00)

10 Day Instrument Rating Course - ($500.00)
5 Day Cirrus IFR Finish Up Course - ($250.00)
5 Day Commercial Pilot Course - ($250.00)

3. Payments will be made within 30 days of the training applicant completing the referred course.
4. Only one referral award can be given per training applicant.  If a training applicant is referred by more than one person, the first referral received will be the one rewarded if the training applicant is approved.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Venture North Aviation, LLC reserves the right to revise or suspend the referal program at any time and without notice and to disqualify individuals who in Venture North Aviation's opinion are abusing the system.  All referrals are subject to approval by Venture North Aviation, LLC.