Online Forms with Email Notifications

Setting up and customizing your email notifications with our form builder is easy! Simplify your data organization process and know when you receive new form submissions with 123FormBuilder. With our user-friendly interface and extensive features, you are always ready to catch a new lead or customer and grow your business as productively as possible.

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Have a notification for every need

We know how important it is for you to know when someone has submitted a form, especially when it indicates a confirmed payment. That’s why 123FormBuilder offers a plethora of customization options for email notifications

Compose a standard email notification for forms, customize it for payment confirmations and approval requests, send responders copies of their submissions or quizzes, or set up autoresponder Thank you messages for your respondents. Set up who should receive the form email notification, when to receive it, and what it includes. Base your email notification template response on how the responder completes your form. 

Your options are practically limitless when enabling and personalizing email notifications for form submissions. Save valuable time and allocate your resources more efficiently. Streamline your workflows, increase productivity, and enjoy the convenience and speed of email notifications provided by 123FormBuilder. 

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Conditional logic with email notification settings

Streamline your business processes further by adding conditional logic to your email notifications mix. With 123FormBuilder, it’s easy to add the rules you want straight to your online forms and email templates.

Set up conditional logic autoresponders without coding knowledge, create notifications and reminders for form submissions, and update email addresses automatically. Email notification rules are especially helpful for businesses with large emailing lists. For example, they can take charge and organize their custom recipients better, thus being more productive in the long run, by sending form submissions to the correct internal addresses.

Add simple rules from the editor, and choose who to send the email to by inputting the desired email address. Set up your conditions, and add your email template and images or videos. Now, you are ready to publish your form and get the email notifications going as you see fit, to increase productivity and sales.

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Try a reliable online form solution anytime, anywhere

With 123FormBuilder, you have a reliable solution at your disposal. And your respondents can always return to their unfinished form, which may be a relief for them. Imagine how convenient it is to see the message “Save your submission and resume it later” when filling out an online form. 

123FormBuilder lets you overview your form competition status and set up a reminder email notification system. It automatically sends emails to responders who didn’t finish filling out their forms, giving them access to the form to complete and send to you.

Add email notifications to your forms to transform incomplete submissions into the data you need, increase productivity, and collect more leads. With Save for Later, you encourage responders to come back and complete filling their multipage forms out, saving their progress every time.

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Templates you can start with

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic, and question branching.

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How to set up email notifications for forms

Create your payment integration online form by simply following these steps

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Go to the Set Up section, then Emails, and set up the details for your email notification for the online form.

Add the finishing touches to your form and publish it. Wait for submissions to come in, and you’re done!

Increase productivity and get more out of your forms with email notifications from 123FormBuilder!