Forms with Sage Pay Integration

If you’re looking for a way to collect and process payments through Sage Pay, we’ve got you covered. With 123FormBuilder you can create amazing web forms that collect payments in real time without any coding needed and add our native Sage Pay integration!

Create an account, head into our intuitive form editor and the create any type of order or donation form, asking for the information you need through the many question types available. Equip your form with the Sage pay integration to let your users send money directly through the form, and into your Sage pay account.

What’s more, you can enhance your Sage Pay forms with advanced payment features such as price calculations and discount codes, so you can delight your customers with a complete and easy to fill out payment experience!

Create an account now to have money rolling into your Sage Pay account within minutes!

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  • Donation forms

  • Coupon codes, discounts & markups

  • Advanced price calculation

  • Real-time payment summary

  • Payment notifications by email

DC Fire
“Customization work was one of the things we were looking for and 123FormBuilder managed to achieve that by communicating constantly and efficiently.”

Jyoti Agrawal, Project Manager at DC Fire

User-Friendly Payment Process

Simplify online payments for your customers to increase conversions and collect more revenue. 123FormBuilder makes it easier to automate the purchase process on your ecommerce website, saving you time and energy.

Your clients can pay for subscriptions, submit discount codes, see how much they owe and get notified by email when payment is complete.

You can also set markups, customize payment notifications, add advanced pricing formulas, create donation forms and save your customer information in PayPal.

Why Choose 123FormBuilder?

123FormBuilder’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage forms. Our efficient integrations can improve your business workflow. Take advantage of the most popular payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and more. Start from scratch or use our gallery of 100+ form templates.

With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, 123FormBuilder is trusted by over 700,000 businesses in 185 countries.

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