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New Camper Enrolment Form

If you have any queries about this form, please call us on (032) 485 3778 for assistance.

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Thank you for your interest in booking your child into Sugar Bay Holiday Camp.

We'll be straight with you - this enrolment form is going to take you some time. It's not like buying a new outfit online - you are entrusting your kids into our care, and we need a lot of information from you to ensure that your children are always safe and happy during their holiday without you.

So...turn on the kettle, get comfortable and just take it one page at a time.

You will need the following information on hand to complete this form:

- Emergency contact numbers
- Copy of child's ID / birth certificate (max. file size 500kb)

If you are covered by a comprehensive medical aid, you will need to provide:
- Medical aid information (policy name, number and holder)
- Copy of medical aid card OR travel insurance certificate (max. file size 500kb)
- Copy of principle member's ID (max. file size 500kb)

If you are not covered by medical aid, or only partially covered for some expenses, you will need to provide:
- Credit card details to cover all medical expenses in the case of an emergency.
- Copy of credit card holder's ID (max. file size 500kb)
- Copy of front and back of credit card (max. file size 500kb)

All your information is secure. You can read more about the security of your information here.

If you need help, please don't hesitate to give us a ring and we will assist you.

IMPORTANT: After pressing "submit booking" please wait until you receive a confirmation message on-screen to confirm that your booking has been sent successfully before you exit. You should also receive a confirmation email within 1 hour of submitting your booking. If you don't see an on-screen confirmation, or receive a confirmation email, something went wrong and we have not received your booking on our side. Please check your internet connection and try again.

Ready? Get set. Go!


What is an excursion?

Excursions are scheduled field trips or outings held away from Sugar Bay during a camp. For example, we sometimes go to the Ice Rink, Arcade, uShaka Marine World etc. These excursions are an optional extra and are not included in our standard camp fee. If you choose to exclude the excursion, your child will still have fun at camp. We often enjoy a day of skiing and tubing on the lagoon while the rest of the kids are away. Since we need to book these excursions with an external company, we require that all excursions must be booked in advance and paid in full. You have up until camp starts to change your mind about the excursion, but you may not book an excursion once camp has already started.

Watch this video to get an idea of what our excursions are like.

If you choose to exclude the excursion, watch this video to see what your kids will get up to at camp instead.

Cabin Share Requests

Please fill out the below information if your child wants to share a cabin with a friend or relative. Please note that they cannot share with someone of a different gender, even if they are related. Cabins are allocated by grade and requests to share with a different graded child creates huge difficulties, so we do not allow any child to share a cabin with anyone more than two grades lower. You can only make a request to share a cabin with someone the same age, or younger. If your child wishes to share with an older child, then the older child must make the request. 

A new request must be made for each camp. You can make your first request here in this booking form, but thereafter please fill out and submit a separate cabin share form for your additional requests. If you need to make a request for more than one camp, please click here to be directed to our cabin share form.

Requests received less than one week before the start of camp cannot be guaranteed. Requests will not be accepted after bookings close. Requests cannot be made for specific cabin counselors. Cabin shares will not be allocated until this form has been received.

Please read or explain the below conditions to your child and make sure that they understand and are happy to share with someone in a different grade.

We don't generally encourage requests for cabin shares with different grades as you may end up in a different section to the rest of your grade for activities. However, if it's really important we will try and accommodate you so long as:

  • Neither you, nor the person you are requesting, has requested, or been requested to share with anyone else. Example: If a Grade 8 requests a Grade 7, who requests another Grade 7, who requests a Grade 6, all grade movement requests will be ignored. Please check with the person who you are requesting; and

  • You are only making one cabin share request; and

  • You are requesting to share with someone in a younger grade than you (if your friend is older, s/he needs to make and sign the request); and

  • You (the camper) have personally signed this request. I have read and understand all the above and agree to move down to this lower grade even if this means I am in a different section to the rest of my grade.

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Hospital Cover

Private hospitals require the following documents before allowing any admission. Therefore, we have to have all of these documents before accepting your child into our care. We know it is a hassle, but please understand that your child's safety may depend on it.

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After submitting this booking form, we will require you to please submit your credit card details for the card which will be used to cover your child's potential medical expenses. Your card will not be credited now. The details will just be stored on a secure server so that we can access them in the case of an emergency.

If you fail to provide us with your credit card details, your booking will not be valid, because we need to ensure that all children's medical expenses are covered before attending camp.
Out of Hospital Expenses

Many medical aids only cover hospital admissions and/or very limited medical savings. We require an undertaking that the medical aid will cover all non-hospital expenses (eg. doctors fees), failing which we need credit card details for emergencies. After submitting this form, a link will be provided where you can securely submit your credit card details.

Please select one of the following:
After submitting this booking form, please remember to provide your credit card details when prompted (if you selected the second option).
Agreement for Medical Expenses

I have entrusted my child into the care of Sugar Bay Resorts cc. My family is not insured by a medical aid or travel insurance. Therefore,

My children are all insured by a medical aid / travel insurance a copy of which I am sending with this form failing which I agree that my child can be treated at the nearest government hospital. I am responsible for all medical bills incurred for the treatment of my children while visiting Sugar Bay. In the case of surgical emergency, I give permission to Sugar Bay to secure necessary medical treatment for my children. Sugar Bay has been given full disclosure of any pre-existing physical or mental ailments from which my children suffer. All efforts are made to have children participate in their activities of choice. However, as new opportunities arise or practical considerations require the activities offered may vary. I acknowledge and understand the nature of Sugar Bay’s programs and give permission for my children to participate in all the activities. I accept that there are infrequent but inherent risks associated in such activities and accept these risks as part of my children’s participation. I understand that Sugar Bay will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal articles while visiting Sugar Bay. Sugar Bay has the right to use any photographs of children for promotional purposes. All people attending Sugar Bay are required to comply with the code of conduct, explained in detail on arrival. The rules are for the health, safety and welfare of all the children and are strictly enforced. They include strict prohibitions against smoking, alcohol and drugs. Guests unable to abide by the rules are subject to dismissal without refund. Any dispute arising between the parties shall be settled in South Africa under South African law. This contract shall not be construed for or against a party because that party wrote it. These forms are complete to the best of my knowledge. I have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions contained on both forms. These acknowledgments apply to all future visits by any of my children to Sugar Bay. All information contained on this form will be kept on record, however should any information change between now and when your child attends camp please contact us immediately.

If only one signature is provided, consent is implied from the other parent/guardian. The signing party indemnifies Sugar Bay and its directors from all claims brought by a non-signing parent/guardian for any act or omission affecting the participant and shall defend all such matters and pay any compromise or judgment resulting there-from.
Click here to find out more information about our bus service, or to download directions to the bus stop.

Please note: No refunds will be granted if bus transport is canceled or changed 5 days prior to camp starting, as the seats on the bus are pre-booked with an external company.
Click here to view or download directions to Sugar Bay Camp in Zinkwazi Beach.

Before you book the flight, please take note of the following:

  • Restricted flight times: We can only meet flights landing at Durban airport (King Shaka International) between 12 and 1pm on arrival day and departing between 1 and 2pm (check in 12 – 1pm) at end of camp.

  • Airport transfer form: As soon as you have booked the flight, please complete this form so that we can arrange the airport transfer. We will need your child's full flight details at least two weeks prior to the start of camp, otherwise we cannot do the airport transfer. We realise that you probably haven't booked the flight just yet, so we will email you the form or you can also find it on our website to complete once you do have all the flight details. 

  • If you need to book a different flight time or if you are unable to meet the deadline, you need to contact an independent tour company to do the transfer. You can call us for names of operators that other families have used, but we offer no guarantees as to their service. 

Please take note of the following:

  • One of our counselors in a royal blue Sugar Bay T-shirt will meet you at the domestic arrivals opposite Woolworths in the domestic terminal. We will meet at 12:00 unless you are instructed otherwise.
  • The airport transfer charge is R200 each way.
  • The cellphone number that will be at the airport is 082 622 6230. You can contact this number on arrival day should you wish to. You can also contact the office on (032) 485 3097 for queries on arrival day.
  • If you are making this booking less than two weeks prior to the start of camp, we cannot guarantee a place for your child on the airport transfer vehicle.

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Instructions for direct deposit:

You have chosen to transfer payment for the deposit and/or the balance of the fees into Sugar Bay’s bank account. Please use your child’s surname as a reference when making payments.

Bank: FNB
Account number: 62021187340
Branch name: Stanger
Branch code: 220129

Proof of payment must be emailed to or faxed to 086 600 3779. Please Note: There is an extra 1% service charge for cash deposit, and all foreign payments will incur an extra R200.00 charge.

Your booking will be processed on receipt of this completed form and your proof of payment. You will receive a letter of confirmation, an invoice for the deposit received and a packing list.
Credit card payments:

After submitting this booking form, please submit your credit card details when prompted. A link will appear after you press "submit booking" where you can provide your card details securely. If you have questions or concerns about the security of this method, please read this.

By supplying your credit card details, you authorize Sugar Bay to debit your Visa/Master card with the deposit (if not already paid) and then the balance of the fees one month before camp. Your card will only be credited when we manually process your booking. You will receive a letter of confirmation, an invoice for the payment received and a packing list.