TCQ Puppetry and Life Art Booking Form
Complete this form to secure your party package.  Upon completion of this form you will be directed to paypal to make the deposit.  If you click of prior to Paypal and do not make payment your booking is not booked in.  Your booking is only secure once a deposit is recieved. 


Terms and Conditions – The Cocktail Queen Hens Night Party® Mobile service for Private Event

In order to ensure the success of your function we ask you that you read the following terms and conditions carefully and click on the 'I agree' button.  Payment of your deposit signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

 Quotations - Quotes are based on estimated numbers given at the time of the initial enquiry.  Prices for cocktailers and mocktailers will be quoted for, along with travelling charge and any other expenses.  You will be sent a pro-forma invoice with the original quoted guests.  Final invoice will be sent following confirmation of final numbers just prior to event.  Final payment is due 10 days prior to event unless otherwise arranged.

 Bookings, Confirmation and Deposits - All initial bookings detailing date and tentative numbers will be held for a set time period as specified in the original email sent, after which time the date will be released.   A minimum deposit of $150.00 (unless otherwise specified) is required at the time of written confirmation.  This can be paid in cash, direct deposit of via credit card.   If written confirmation (in the form of a completed booking form and signed terms and conditions) and deposit is not received, The Cocktail Queen reserves the right to release the tentative booking. Once the deposit has been received the booking is confirmed and a confirmation letter/receipt with will be posted.  Payment of deposit signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.

 Function Detail Confirmation - To ensure that we cater appropriately for correct numbers, menus and requirements, and beverage arrangements, must be discussed with the function coordinator no less then 14 days prior to the function start date.  Final numbers must be confirmed via email or phone call to The Cocktail Queen no less then 10 days for the party unless otherwise indicated. 
The final balance is based on the final guaranteed quoted numbers.  Should guests that have paid on the night not turn up, monies for these non attendees will not be refunded.  Late attendees are accepted in certain circumstances, however The Cocktail Queen must be notified no less then 24 hours to the function.  Payment arrangements for the late attendees must be made upon consultation with The Cocktail Queen at time of notification.   Any late attendees arriving at the event and payment has not been received, the result will be loss of bond, or charge to credit card.  Once final payment is received NO REFUNDS are permitted, should guests pull out prior to the event.

 Cash and Direct Deposit Bonds

The deposit paid at time of booking, is used as a bond for the event. Should any damages, or breakages should occur to The Cocktail Queen catering equipment including glassware, platters or any other equipment the cost of the replacing the broken, stolen or lost item will be deducted from the bond, with remainder money refunded to the client no less than 7 days via direct deposit or credit card.  Should the breakages exceed the bond amount then the client will be charged accordingly. Glassware or stock missing at time of party end will be taken in to calculation, and will be deducted from the bond.  Should a glass(es) be found following The Cocktail Queens departure, The Cocktail Queen will not pay for the glassware to be returned to headoffice.  Clients will need to return the glass(es) themselves at their own expenses, or this will be deducted from the bond.

For all deposits paid via credit card, the credit card number will be held as a security bond until post event.  The deposit will be deducted from final payment at time of final payment, prior to the event.  By signing this terms and conditions the client agrees to and understands that their credit card will be charged post party should any breakages as aforementioned occur. Direct Deposits and Paypal deposits are noted as bond deposits on invoices and refunded post event.

Final Payment - Final payment for the event including any travelling/parking charges need to be received via direct deposit or credit card no less then 10 days prior to the event.  Cheques are not accepted. Pay pal is accepted. A 2.5% credit card charge for all payments made by credit card, including guest payments and PAYPAL.  

Cancellation Policy - In the event of a function being cancelled greater then 4 weeks prior their booked function, the customer will only be refunded their deposit (excluding a $100.00 administration fee).  Please note any monies owing will not be refunded until after the original date of the function. For events cancelled less then 28 days prior to the function date, no monies will be refunded. Once final payment has been received no refunds are permitted, no exceptions. Please understand we are an events company so cancelling your event means we could have booked somone else for that date.  PAYMENT OF YOUR DEPOSIT SIGNIFIES YOU AGREE TO THIS CANCELLATION POLICY.  For all cancellations regardless of time frame, a $100 administration fee applies upon cancellation.  

 Function Duration - The customer agrees to begin the function and end the function at the scheduled times agreed upon.  Arrival of guests earlier does not mean service will begin early.  Service will not begin until the designated pre-agreed time.  Service will end at the pre-agreed time with last drinks being called 20 minutes prior to end of function (last drinks is the final serving of cocktails for the event).  Should you like to continue for an additional hour or so, all clients will be charged the appropriate charges per head applicable based on original number of attendance plus any additional people that may be at the event.  The total amount for the extra time is payable at the start of the extra time in cash or credit card only.

Delivery and Pick Up - 
In some circumstances, stock tubs and service ware, including glassware will arrive at the venue prior to staff arrival time.  Upon booking with The Cocktail Queen you will be notified of a delivery time on the day of the event, of which upon delivery a pick up time, post event will also be arranged.  These tubs are locked.  Should staff arrive at the event and the tubs are found to be open, the bond will not be refunded, and the client will be charged accordingly for any missing stock.  Tubs and glassware will be picked up the next day.  Please ensure all glassware is washed.  Platters will also arrive at time of delivery.  Please ensure that there is enough fridge space for these platters prior to delivery.

Menu Packages and Requirements - Menu and package prices are subject to change without notice.  The Cocktail Queen may at sometimes have to replace or substitute in part a selected menu without prior notification.. Please note if you fail to return your menu selections for food, games or cocktails prior to 2 weeks pre-event - menus will be automatically allcoated.  We do not refund for food or cocktails.  

 Service Times - The Cocktail Queen only provides service everyday of the year excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday.  Should you require an extension of service time, then a service charge will apply.  Surcharges apply for New Years Eve, New Years Day and Christmas Eve events.  Surcharges apply for Sunday events and public holidays. 

 Objectionable Persons and Responsible Service of Alcohol - Even though the event is being held within your private premises The Cocktail Queen Management reserves the right to refuse to serve any person who is drunk, disorderly, on drugs, consuming drugs on the premises or objectionable or unreasonable.   It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that their guests conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Should the client or invitee of the client fail to maintain their guests, The Cocktail Queen will be at liberty to cease service and exit the premises even if it is prior to the arranged end time of the function. Cocktail Queen staff at any private event in a private house will not serve alcohol to minors.  In accordance with The Cocktail Queens RSA plan and policy, The Cocktail Queen does not serve ‘shot style’ or ‘shooter cocktails’ at any event. The Cocktail Queen does not tolerate Bridezillas or Bridesmaidzillas, during the event or leadup to the event.  We understand that organizing an event can be very stressful however TCQ will not tolerate bad manners, rudeness or intolerance to staff prior or at events, and can cancel an event.  We only encourage smiles, laughing, and good manners and politeness. 

 Liabilities and Damages - Clients and their guests/attendees or any other persons attending the function are financially responsible for any damage sustained in any part to the premises. The Cocktail Queen assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages, injury or harm caused during the function by to the host or their guests attending the function, or through use of the customers equipment, or consummation of beverages or food supplied by The Cocktail Queen.

Security and Insurance - The Cocktail Queen will not accept responsibility for damage, or loss of merchandise left with them by clients invitees before, during or after the function.  Customers should arrange their own security or insurance.  Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for any accident, loss or injury by any person or persons within a clients home or venue, during or after the function including outside contractors.  The client indemnifies’ ‘The Cocktail Queen from and against all costs, claims, expenses and losses suffered or incurred by the client, friends and associates of the client. Public policy indemnity insurance is in place.  We suggest for you to organize to take out our own insurance for your invitees if you wish.

Pricing and Travelling - Current prices are valid upon confirmation, but are subject to change without notification, to cover unforeseen variations in cost.  Travelling charges will apply to certain areas of Melbourne.  All prices are inclusive of GST. 

 Package Type - The package purchased can only be changed in type upto 14 days prior to the event.  No changes to package type can occur less then 14 days to event.  Please note that we book external contract services placing a deposit with other companies to accommodate your event requirements.  Any changes incur less then 14 days prior to the package type you have purchased incur a $75.00 change over fee per service.

 Selection Form - All clients must complete a menu selection on line within 7 days..  IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR COCKTAIL SELECTIONS within 14 days  preceeding your event, the Cocktail Queen will allocate all menus for your event..   Refunds are not permitted post event for food or beverages.  We only provide refunds for certain  circumstances and only on a individual basis.   Should you not be happy with a additional service please place the feeback in writing and address to within 48 hrs of your event.  You will be notified via email of the outcome once TCQ confers with 3rd party providers within 21 days.

 Puppetry Private Party Shows/Live Art Shows - The use of still and video cameras to take photos and videos of the performer and the show is strictly prohibited. Photos may be taken with the puppeteer/model after the show when he has his cape closed. There is to be no reproduction of any photos or video on any social network media. If so this may result in prosecution. Separate travelling charges apply for the puppeteer and will be advised upon consulation with your event coordinator. Should you not return the booking form at time of paying deposit, and indicate your start time for puppetry show, please note that a time for the show to start will be automatically allocated.  If  you have allocated a time and returned the form at the same time of paying the deposit, and that time becomes unavailable between the time of booking and your event, you will be notified.  In some circumstances puppetry start times will change based on logistics and travelling times on day.  Please note that this is a NUDE show in that the entertainer is completely nude.  If you feel some guests would not like this show then do not book it.  We do not refund for guests not liking the show.  Please ensure you advise all guests of the shows content.

 Staff Arrival and Assisting - Staff will arrive between ½ hour to 1 hour prior to event service start time.  Should in extreme circumstances they run late and the service start time starts later then booked for, TCQ staff will stay longer to make up for the late time at no expense to the client. Please note that due to OH and S requirements we cannot let any clients or guests of clients assist in unloading or reloading stock. 

Parking in the City - For events in the CBD of Melbourne should parking needs to be arranged for staff to park and unload their car, at the clients expense.  Usually hotels will allocate a car park for you, of which we advise you to make available on the day to TCQ staff.  To assist our staff in finding the correct car space your mobile number will be passed on to the team supervisor of the TCQ staff who will contact you upon arriving at the location.  You will then need to meet them at the front of the building to assist in location of the car park.  This process ensures that your function gets underway in time.  A standard parking fee of $29.00 applies to all city event to assist in all staff parking costs regardless of car parking space allocation.  No travel charge is appicable to CBD.  

Transfer of booking form - In some circumstances the booking is transferred to another person in the lead up to the event, as the point of contact.  Should this occur please contact TCQ for a transfer form – which needs to be completed for the new contact person who is taking over the booking.  This transfer allows for the bonds to be correctly refunded to the correct persons post event.  This transfer of booking is only for change of contact details. 

 DISCOUNT VOUCHERS - Discount vouchers can only be redeemed at time of booking – when you pay your deposit, and not at any other time.  You have 24hrs from payment of deposit to send us a picture to 0437455118 of the voucher to receive the discount, which will be deducted from the invoice. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.  Please refer to  for full terms and conditions of discount vouchers.  Please note vouchers cannot be used with any early bird offers