Boarding Release Form
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 To avoid potential hazards, your pets collars and leashes will be removed and returned to you when your pet is dropped off for boarding. For sanitary and parasite control reasons, we provide all bowls and bedding which we wash in hospital.  We do provide towels and blankets for our boarding canines to keep them comfortable. If your dog has a bed that needs to be with them for a medical reason, we will accommodate it but we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage. We do not have the capability of cleaning dog beds.  Our feline friends that board with us will be provided blankets and cushions for their comfort. 
** Dogs are walked 3 times a day and exercised in our yards, additional walks are available for $5 add a day ** 

** If your pet boards for 5 nights or longer with us you are entitled to a bath at 1/2 price (including ear cleaning and nail trim**
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