Director:  In charge overall of planning and coordinating event at location.  Must be very organized and be able to lead and inspire other volunteers.

Assistant Director:  Must be able to follow through with details to insure the event goes off without any issues.

Volunteer Chair:  The volunteer chair is in charge of assembling an army of volunteers and keeping them organized with the tasks of the event

Sponsorship Chair:  The sponsorship chair is responsible for soliciting local sponsors for the event which can be showcased at the event. The sponsor chair will focus on monetary and non-monetary goods and/or services which can be used as raffle prizes.

Escort Club:  The road captain is responsible for not only leading the ride but planning the route and rest/fuel stops. They will also be responsible for facilitating the safe and organized passage of riders from the start location to the destination.

If you would like to volunteer at the Texas location please fill out the information below. Please let us know how you are going to be successful in the position you have chosen.

By volunteering you are helping a great cause and you will get a custom T-shirt to wear during the event. Thank you for your support!

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