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Camp Cornerstone 2018 Student Registration

Registration will not be processed unless this medical release is completed and signed.

Every possible precaution will be taken by CampOC to insure good health and to prevent accidents. However, in the event of sickness or accident, CampOC will make every effort to contact parents. I hereby give CampOC and/or Oklahoma Christian University consent to seek and administer emergency medical treatment for my child listed above. Furthermore, I hereby release CampOC, its board and its agents from any cause of action I may have arising during this camp. I agree to list all allergies/medications of my child on proper forms and agree to provide medication of my child in original prescription or OTC containers with written instructions for my child to the camp medical staff.   I give permission for my child to participate in the activities of CampOC on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University. I hereby give permission for my child to be transported by approved vehicles to scheduled activities on or near the OC campus. I give permission for my child’s picture to be taken and used by CampOC and Oklahoma Christian for promotional purposes. I understand that names will not be associated with pictures posted on websites or press releases.  

  1. I give permission for her/him to participate in a volunteer activity at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  
  2. I further agree that, if s/he volunteers in the Protein Processing Center, the Regional Food Bank has permission to obtain his/her health related information to order to ensure food safety.
  3. I also agree that the Regional Food Bank and its representatives may take photographs, videos, and other images or audio recordings of him/her, and I consent to the Regional Food Bank’s use of the photographs, videos, and other images or audio recordings taken or produced. 
  4. The Regional Food Bank and/or Feeding America may use those items in fundraising, for marketing and promotional purposes, and in electronic media for an unlimited time period, and I will not be entitled to receive any compensation, payment, royalty or other remuneration from the Regional Food Bank.
  5. By my signature below, I do release and indemnify, defend and hold harmless, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and Feeding America from and against any and all claims, actions, suits or proceedings of any kind or nature arising as a result of the actions of my child. 
  6. I also release the officers, staff and Board of Directors of the Regional Food Bank, without limitations, from damages, liabilities, penalties, costs, expenses, legal fees and claims. 
  7. I acknowledge that I have read and understand this release and am voluntarily executing this release.