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Long Grove Festival Restaurant Application
Application Deadline: 5 Weeks Before Festival Start Date

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Terms & Conditions / Important Information:

*** Please read carefully, esspecially bolded points ***

All Long Grove Festival Restaurants now operate ONLY with CASH TRANSACTIONS.  No Longer using the ticketing or revenue share methods. 

Event Details

Event Dates:

  • Chocolate Festival: May 18, 19, 20
  • Strawberry Festival: June 22, 23, 24
  • Apple Festival: September 21, 22, 23

Application Deadlines:
  • Chocolate Festival: April 18th
  • Strawberry Festival: May 22nd
  • Apple Festival: August 21st

Event Times:
  • Full Event hours: 
    • Chocolate & Apple Festival: Fri: 12pm-11pm, Sat: 10am-11pm, Sun: 10am-6pm.
    • Strawberry Festival: Fri: 11am-11pm, Sat: 10am-11pm, Sun: 10am-6pm.

Event location:
  • 308 Old McHenry Road, Long Grove, IL 60047

Lake County Health Department Registration:  MANDATORY

Each food vendor is responsible to contact the Lake County Health Department to obtain necessary permits to operate booth at event. This can done by calling 847-377-8020 or by going online at


  • Exclusivity is NOT granted to any participant.
  • The producer does not guarantee any revenues to be generated by the participant.
  • This is a rain or shine event and will remain open regardless of weather conditions, although operations may be suspended during severe weather.
  • The participant agrees to sell only what is listed and accepted within the application. If the participant wishes to sell other merchandise they must get written consent from the producer prior to the event.
  • No merchandise may be sold with the event or Long Grove logo without prior written consent of the producer.
  • No Vendors may sell alcoholic beverages. Only Food Vendors may sell non-alcoholic beverages.
  • The event will supply vendors with their temporary business license, all other permits and approvals must be obtained by the participant.

Sales Tax:

Application Process

  • Applications are to be fully filled out via the online registration form.
  • Participants shall be notified by email if they have been accepted or rejected by the application deadline. 
  • If participant does not see a message saying “Thank you for Submitting your Application” after clicking “Send Email” your application has not been submitted. Please make sure all required information is filled in and send again, until receiving confirmation message on webpage.
  • If application is approved applicant will receive an electronic invoice sent to the email provided on the application.
  • Participants will NOT be guaranteed booth space until the invoice is paid IN FULL electronically.
  • If the participant needs to change their application in anyway it must be done in writing by emailing


  • All payments MUST be paid online via the emailed invoice by credit card or ACH / E-check.
  • Checks and Money Orders are no longer accepted as a form of payment.
  • Invoices ware due a month from the date sent (or by application deadline LATEST)
  • Payment will be processed at the time the invoice is paid online.
  • Any outstanding invoices must be paid 3 weeks prior to the first day of the festival or participant may be subject to a $50 late fee.
  • Participants are not accepted or guaranteed space until the invoice is paid in full.
  • No participant will be allowed on the event site without full payment being successfully processed.
  • All credit card transactions will have a 4% processing fee added to invoice.   All ACH / E-checks will have a $2 processing fee added to the invoice.


  • Cancellations must be done in writing send via email.
  • A $50 non-refundable administration fee will be applied to any cancelled applications.
  • Cancellations made 1 month before the application deadline are entitled to a full refund minus $50 fee.
  • Cancellations made between 1 month before the application deadline and the application deadline are entitled to a refund on half the amount paid minus $50 fee.
  • Cancellations made after the application deadline are not entitled to a refund.

Contract Cancellations

  • The producer has the right to control all aspects of the event.
  • The producer reserves the right to cancel a vendor contract at any time for the good of the festival, by its sole discretion.
  • Any cancellation by the producer will result in fees being refunded to the vendor if they have followed the rules and regulation.
  • A cancellation or suspension by the producer resulting from failure to meet or maintain guidelines stated within will not be eligible for refunds.

Refund Process

  • All refunds will be made out to the account holder listed on the initial payment, unless otherwise specified.
  • Event cancellation due to inclement weather or Acts of God will not result in the refunding of your fees.

Fees – INCLUDED in “Booth Size”

  • $25 Fee for a Temporary Business License. This license permits you to sell merchandise on the street of Long Grove. You must get this license to be able to sell at the festival regardless of other business licenses you may have. The producer will get and hand you this permit on the first day of the festival.
  • $25 Fee for a Fire Inspection. The fire department comes around and applies a $25 fee for every tent they inspect. They are looking to ensure all tents are properly weighted and that if you have electricity there is a fire extinguisher in your booth. This is to ensure the safety of everyone at the festival.
  • $50 Historic Downtown Administration Fee.
  • 3-5 water barrels are manditorily included to ensure tent weighing meets code. 

Booth Space

  • All product and equipment must say within the booth footprint.
  • Participants will be asked to take down or move any materials outside of their booth footprint.


  • The participant will be assigned a booth space with the approximate square footage of 10 feet by 10 feet. (or 10x20).
  • The location of the participant’s space within the event shall be determined by sole discretion of the producer.
  • The participant agrees to accept the space as designated by the producer.
  • The producer reserves the right to relocate a vendor when necessary even after a space has been assigned.
  • The participant agrees to conduct its business only within the space assigned by the producer.
  • The producer does not guarantee a corner space or for there to be room between tents for any participant, in fact it is unlikely a booth space will have either of those and so participants should plan their booth layout accordingly.

Set Up & Strike

  • Each participant is responsible for set up, tear down, and cleanup of their stand. No assistance will be available on-site.
  • Load-in will begin on the Thursday evening starting @6pm through 10am on Friday morning.
  • Participants will also be able to pull their cars on-site at 8– 9:30am on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Cars must be cleared off site 1 hour before the festival opens.
  • Cars are not permitted to re-enter site until the producer gives an all clear about 30 – 45 minutes after the posted closing time.
  • Vehicles are allowed to pull up to booths to unload merchandise and materials unless you are in Fountain Square. After a car is unloaded it is to immediately be removed from site to allow other participants access to their booths.
  • At strike vehicles are not to be brought on-site till merchandise and materials are ready to be loaded.
  • All items left on-site after the event on Sunday will be disposed of.

Equipment and Signage


  • All booths must have a canopy that is sturdy enough to hold a 10 lb. wooden sign provided by event. A canopy may be rented or the participant may bring own if suitable.
  • No canopy may exceed 10ft in height.
  • Since it is mandatory for all canopies must be properly weighted down, 3 water barrels per 10x10 and 5 per 10x20 booth space are mandatorily included in the “Booth Size Cost”
  • The water barrels will be dropped off and filled at the participant’s booth Thursday evening. Rope will be provided to tie canopy to barrels, crew will be available to help tie up water barrels.
  • All tents rented through the event will include proper weighting.
  • Tent walls are not provided for tents rented through the event, tent walls may be rented.
  • Tents provided by participant must be in GOOD condition.

Cooking Equipment

  • All food vendors are required to supply their own cooking equipment.
  • If a food vendor is renting cooking equipment and they use AAA rentals mention you are with the Long Grove Festival and the delivery fee will be waived. The event will receive your equipment and have it waiting in your booth location.
  • Please be sure you follow all safety rules at all times in regards to your cooking equipment, there will be on-site inspections.
  • The participant MUST use grease buckets provided by the dumpsters to dispose of oil & ash. If any grease stains are left violators will be subject to a $300 fine or the cost of the stain removal. Highly recommend the use of grease mats.
  • If using grill a K class Fire extinguisher is required at booth at all times.


  • A menu sign listing your items and prices will be provided for you and installed.
  • You will be allowed to sell non-alcoholic beverages (that are not on your sign). There will be a set price for water sold set by the event.  
  • No items (beside beverages) that are NOT on the menu sign may be sold.
  • The producer has the right to ask you to remove any signage they decide is inappropriate or is not within the aesthetic of the festival at any time.


  • Electricity is not provided for any reason unless it is ordered ahead of time.
  • The participant is responsible for all extension cords and power strips necessary to get the electricity from the distribution box to their booth.
  • Personal generators are PROHIBITED.
  • If electricity is ordered a distribution box will be located near your booth made up of standard 110v outlets.
  • Please share a list of what you will be using the electricity for and any specialty outlets so the event can ensure there will be enough electricity located in your area for your needs.
  • If you are requesting more than 4 -110v outlets worth of electricity an additional fee will be applied.
  • Any service disruptions and/or blackouts will not result in a rebate or refund.
  • If you have electricity you must have a fire extinguisher in your booth.


  • The participant agrees to be open from the starting time till close all three days. 
  • Participants are welcome to keep their booths open until the closing time of the festival. If they decide to shut their booth down before closing but after 6pm they will not be able to pull cars on-site till a half hour after closing.
  • The participant shall maintain its space in a neat, clean, and sanitary condition during the event and shall dispose of all trash produced.
  • Running water is NOT provided.
  • No amplified sound may be played from the booth including recorded or live music.
  • Drilling in the streets is not permitted. Violators will be subject to a fine of $200 and/or space cancellations.
  • Participants are directly responsible for any violated village ordinances and fines.
  • Vendors and their employees must maintain the highest degree of professionalism in their booths and on event grounds at all times.
  • The producer reserves the right to ask a participant to cease any action they decide is not in the best interest of the event.


  • Participants are solely responsible for all items in their booth both during the festival and things left overnight.
  • While security will be on-site during the event and overnight, they are there to ensure the safety and security of the event as a whole and not individual spaces.
  • The producer and the event are not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or damaged.


  • The participant shall comply with all local, federal, state, and municipal laws and ordinances.
  • The Village of Long Grove, the LGBCP, Ravenswood Event Services, its officers, directors, and members, related festival providers of goods and services, or any participating sponsor will NOT be held responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the vendor, or to the vendor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever prior to, during or after, the period covered by the vending contract.
  • By submitting this application, the participant further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Long Grove Business and Community Partners, The Village of Long Grove, IL, Ravenswood Event Services, its officers, directors, and members, from and against any and all claims for personal injury, loss by theft or damage, whether to the Participant, its agents or employees or any third party, caused in part or in whole, by the participation of the Participant in the Event.

If you have any questions please contact Heather: 

New Payment Terms & Information:

Updated Payment Process: 
 All payments will now be collected digitally through electronic email invoicing. 

* We will no longer accept physical checks or Money Orders as a form of payment.  

* Payment will only be accepted electronically through the email invoice via credit card or E-check.

* The invoice will be sent to the email provided on the application.

Payment Deadline: 

* All invoices must be paid by application deadline LATEST. 

* No spot is reserved until invoice is paid in full.

The Process:

Upon receiving your online application submission, we will review your application with the client and contact you 6 weeks before the festival informing if you have been approved or denied. 

If approved, you will receive an email invoice from The invoice will contain a "Pay Now" button. Upon clicking “Pay Now” you will be led to a secure page to enter your credit card or ACH/ E-check information (depending on what payment option you selected on your application).  Upon completing the payment form and clicking “Pay Now” your payment will be processed.

The applicant is not accepted or guaranteed space until payment is paid in full and paid through the electronic email invoice.

Forms of Electronic Payment Accepted & Processing Fees:

  • Credit Card: 4% Processing Fee 
  • ACH/E-Check: $2 Processing Fee
      • Provide Bank Account and Routing Number 

The processing fee will be included in your invoice as its own line item, based on the payment option you choose on the application.

If you have any questions please reach out to Heather