Craft a Successful Marriage by Injecting Excitement to It

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. That's because the two people involved are far from perfect. You can't claim to have a great marriage just because a seemingly perfect couple got together. No. On the contrary, a marriage becomes great when two imperfect individuals decide to embrace their differences and actually enjoy these.


Marriage is a continuous process; there's always something new to learn about your significant other. Once you fall into a pattern, then you need to do some serious assessment of the marriage because it may be an indication that there's trouble in paradise. Marrying someone who may not be your perfect match underscores what an author said about marriage - that it involves "getting used to things you hadn't expected".

Hence, if you want your marriage to be successful, you need to step out of your comfort zone and welcome adventure into your life. For instance, if you're a man who's always viewed sex "by the book", you might be shocked to discover that the woman you married has no qualms buying the best vibrators money can buy. She might tell you it's something she's always done when she was still single, use a vibrator, that is. She might reason that a vibrator is the next best thing to actually having sex, so that's enough assurance that she didn't lead a promiscuous single life.

Since sex toys are a norm for her, she might suggest you use it during one of your sack sessions. Don't think of it as an odd request, because it's not. Moreover, don't let the use of a sex toy change the way you view your wife. If she was honest enough to tell you she uses it, then there's no reason for you to think lowly of her. In fact, you should admire her courage and honesty.

You may not be aware of it, but many married couples actually use aids to make their romps in the bed even more exciting. If you want your sex life to be something you and your wife look forward to at the end of a grueling day at work, then be open to the idea of "unconventional" sex using sex toy for men and women. Others do it, so there's a precedent. It's not like you and your wife will be the odd one out if you use sex toys during the actual deed.

Truth be told, good relationships are founded on honesty, openness, love, respect, trust, and the ability to have fun. If you want those elements in your marriage, then don't be a prude. It's alright to embrace your kinky side. Anyway, what goes on in your bedroom stays between you and your wife. You'd find out soon enough that no-holds-barred openness in the bedroom will play a crucial role in solidifying your marriage, making it stronger and able to withstand any pressure it faces along the way.

In addition, just because you and your partner use sex toys doesn't mean you've reached Christian Grey levels. Far from it, using sex toys to make your sex life exciting and fun is a testament to the romantic in you. Embrace it, live it. In the long run, you and your wife will greatly benefit from it.